WordPress vs Squarespace – Which is The Best?

There are several CMS out there, but these two are the top website builders. You can build almost all kinds of websites on WordPress and Squarespace. WordPress vs Squarespace is a big question here. What to choose and what CMS fulfills your needs?

On the one hand, you have the most common CMS on the planet that more than sixty million people work with to operate their sites. On the flip side, you have an all-in-one site builder that’s starting to be ever more popular as well as used by a lot more people across the world daily. So, Squarespace or perhaps WordPress? How can you decide which site platform to use? And the reason why?

We’ll dive into the comparison, but for starters, make us ask you a couple of issues.

If you’ve researched yours as well as your choice came down to Squarespace and WordPress, but you can’t decide, you can begin with answering these questions:

  • What’s the purpose of the site you would like to build?
  • Can it be really going to become an intricate web program (e.g., media portal with thousands of articles) or maybe an internet presentation (e.g., online portfolio)?
  • In case you’re creating an e-commerce website, is it going to become an online shop with 10.000+ products, or would you wish to market your services online?
  • Are you likely to create the site by yourself or ask professional developers to make it for you?
  • Should you select a DIY process, are you tech-savvy enough?
  • Have you been proficient in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and also PHP?
  • Do you know your way around search engine marketing?

Think very carefully about the answers of yours and also create them down on your own.

Really, today you have a starting point; help us provide you with a lot of helpful info as well as make it simpler for you to consider. The suggestion is that you should go with the CMS that fulfills your business needs.

Here is an extensive comparison of both WordPress and Squarespace:

Squarespace vs WordPress – Main Difference

Squarespace is a hosted site builder that probably contains guides, automatic updates, eCommerce, and web hosting. It is usually also more comfortable to work with. WordPress is scalable and flexible. It is also the right choice for larger websites that need specific features like several languages.

Ease of Use


Squarespace’s screen has a stylish and minimalist design. Its dashboard is pretty simple to use for everyone, particularly for individuals without technical skills. The written content editor is resizable when you resize the window; you can find out precisely how it’s likely to search on smaller sized screens.

There’s a cover page builder for the original site design. It’s customizable (within a company subscription plan) in case you’re comfortable with CSS. And HTML The interface is in English only, though the editor supports various other languages. Unlike WordPress, Squarespace may not be such a great option if you have to construct a multilingual site.


WordPress might be a better option for multilingual websites, plus it, too, comes with an easy-to-use screen with an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s much more relaxed, although, in case you’re comfortable with HTML, CSS, and also PHP. It takes a minimum of a fundamental understanding of these programming languages and style sheets in case you want to create a site on your own.

The much more you all know, the more adept you might be in WordPress development. This Is particularly crucial in case you wish to create the site of yours from zero and make it absolutely custom made.

Design and Designing

Squarespace site templates are simply gorgeous. Though they’re too somewhat restricted in the terminology of customization options. Of course, they look quite classy if you pick them, but that’s because they’ve been professionally designed with large beautiful pictures. When you do not have a chance to access the exact same quality for logos or maybe background pictures, your gorgeous site could wind up looking…. a little cheap.

With WordPress, you have an almost limitless amount of entirely free and also paying guides to pick from with practically infinite customization options. While this’s news that is wonderful for people who know precisely what they need the site of theirs to are like, it also means 2 things:

  1. It is usually a little overwhelming;
  2. As previously described, it’s really worth having some pure CSS and HTML knowledge to implement all of the style choices you need.

But with the thousands of options offered, the odds are that you may not even need to do some tweaking at all. (You can take a look at many masters looking WordPress themes on sites like themeforest.net)

Bloggers See This

When it concerns creating your own personal blog, additionally, there are cons and pros for every platform.


WordPress is created as a blogging platform straight away. Its CMS is honestly user-friendly, and you don’t have to get specialized abilities to create as well as post brand new blog articles, upload pictures, and video clips, maintain picture library, talk about the blog posts of yours on social networking, interact with your market within reviews, structure your URL s, etc.

You can choose between a textual and visual mode for editing your posts, and you can have them as drafts, plan them for later on, and a lot more. Furthermore, WordPress mobile apps allow it to be possible to create, edit, and post articles on the go.


Squarespace has additionally become an excellent blogging platform. You can also import your current WordPress blog to Squarespace in case you wish to switch platforms.

Generally, there was once a function known as Post By Email – you might send out the blog post of yours via email, and also Squarespace’s staff would post it for you. The element is not accessible any longer, but you will still find usual blogging attributes such as commenting, reblogging, geolocation tags, track tags, etc. You can actually host your own personal podcast of yours on Squarespace, with RSS feed and iTunes tagging.

Nevertheless, remember that there’s no alternative to optimizing individual blog sites – page titles and meta descriptions can’t be adapted for specific articles – that won’t bring justice to the SEO efforts. Thus, in case you are concerned about optimizing your website pages for search rankings, Squarespace may not be the best option for you personally.

Ecommerce Functionality

In case you’re likely to make a brand new web store or redesign a current one, you may want to think about WordPress rather than Squarespace.

If so, WooCommerce will be the perfect solution. It’s an entirely free open-source WP plugin exclusively designed for e-commerce development. You will find much more than 600 dedicated e-shop themes along with a significant development group on GitHub.

WooCommerce has a responsive site, unlimited selection of items, development of deals, coupons, integrated payment solutions, statistical sales reports, and a lot more.

On the other hand, Squarespace offers Advanced and basic subscription programs for internet shops and integration with PayPal and Stripe services. You will find different helpful functions, like connecting your product or service pages with Instagram’s shoppable posts, which may increase the conversion rates of yours.

The additional useful feature is the fact that you can choose to sell not merely physical products but also electronic products and the services of yours. That’s the reason a lot of freelancers choose Squarespace because of their main e-commerce platform.


Squarespace is not totally free, aside from the 14-days open trial. There are many designs to select from. The individual site program starts from twelve dollars monthly (billed annually), while the Business program costs from eighteen dollars a month. For internet shops, the Basic plan price starts from twenty-six dollars a month, and also the Advanced goes from forty dollars a month.

Nevertheless, as advertised, there should not be other expenses besides that. With an annual subscription you are hosting free of charge, and also domain (a domain costs nothing for the very first year), totally free SSL certificate, and most of the advertising methods which are in the bundle – integration with G Suite, Mailchimp, Zapier, along with additional providers, along with the potential for promotion of the items of yours on social media.

Squarespace likewise has site analytics, with insights from Google Search Console along with other third-party SEO tools. It provides the construction of email advertising strategies, social networking widgets, pop-ups creation, and much more. And there’s a quick and reliable tech support team 24/7.

WordPress, on the other hand, is software that is free. But do have in your mind that you will find many costs to think about before choosing it. You have to find as well as spend a hosting provider for the website of yours and buy the domain of yours before you begin building a site on WordPress.

You’ll also have to buy as well as implement an SSL certification on one’s own. And yet another critical issue to think about – in case you’re not tech-savvy enough yourself, you need to calculate extra costs of employing a WordPress developer to create the website for you.

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So, you have to choose the best platform that suits your business and work ethics. If you are looking for a more customizable business website, then WordPress is your way to go. But If you are looking for a typical business website with no additional work of setting it up, then Squarespace can do the work.

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