WordPress vs. Drupal

Let’s talk about two viral open-source CMS (content management system) WordPress and Drupal. Both cover a big part of the internet and no doubt WordPress has a significant share in this, but that does not mean that Drupal lacks behind for the reason of its abilities to amaze us. But the real reason is its complexity, while WordPress is simple to understand.

Both CMS is good enough to handle any website; it depends on you that how you want your website to be. What both of the platforms share common in them, and what has what extra in it? Let’s crack that all down here.

WordPress vs. Drupal – Some Unique Features of Both

In this war of Drupal vs. WordPress, let’s take a look at the things that WordPress offers, but Drupal doesn’t and vice versa. In this way, you can decide better what platform is for you or your business website.


  • No or little development cost: WordPress is widely used. CMS has more users, thus, more developers. And this is the reason, the prices for WordPress developers are much lower.
  • Support: The same reason is here because of which we can get excellent support in case of WordPress. WordPress community is full of developers, coders, and designers. They are always here to help each other.
  • User-friendly: WordPress has better user interference as compared to drupal. Well, to some extent, it depends on the user. Because if you are a developer, this point probably does not make any sense for you.
  • Extensibility: You don’t need a developer for most of the time in case of WordPress because of its massive support for plugins and themes. Besides hard coding, you can do almost anything using the right plugins to extend your website.


  • User control: With drupal, you have much more control over the users, and you can create many individual users and can assign them different roles.
  • Better taxonomies: For example, you create a category for sports, then the taxonomy will be dividing of that category into cricket, football, and hockey, etc. Drupal is much better in the handling of taxonomies.
  • Support for multilingual sites: As compared to WordPress, Drupal has eight language support.
  • Custom compatibility: This is the significant difference between WordPress and drupal; the custom compatibility gives you the freedom to edit your themes or website to extend the limits.

WordPress vs. Drupal – 5 Significant Things to Consider

Drupal vs. WordPress competition is pretty clear for you now after discussing four unique features of both, now extending them, let’s discuss them in detail. Go through each point, and you will have a clear point to selecting any one of the CMS at the end.

1. Options Availability

WordPress is a clear winner in this department and let me tell you why. When you start making a website, you have to give your site some extensibility according to the niche of your website. For example, the first thing you need is the theme of your website. And with WordPress, you can get hundreds of free themes ready to install for any website. And the best part is you don’t need plugins there for you for more customizations that require a developer in the case of drupal.

While in the case of Drupal, you have very few themes and those are very basic. Most of the themes for drupal need code customization, and if you are not a developer, then drupal is going to cost you for that. And like plugins, Drupal has modules. These are free to use, but you need a developer in this case too.

The option you are getting WordPress is way more than drupal, but the best flexibility that Drupal can offer you is the management of a massive amount of content and pages. Because of custom development, you get the power of customizing your website to any extent if you are a developer or you can hire one.

2. User-Friendliness

There is a myth that it is hard to use drupal. Okay, let me explain it to you. It is correct in a way, but it isn’t actually. Like I told earlier that you have to be a developer to understand drupal. And if you are a developer, then drupal is way much better than WordPress for you because you can customize your website to a very high level. But with the release of Drupal 8, things are getting easier for regular users too.

On the other hand, WordPress website is straightforward to make. If you have a basic knowledge of domain and hosting, you can install WordPress and can create a complete website in a few steps. So in the competition of user-friendliness, WordPress wins the game because of its very simple to use interference.

3. Functionality

Talking about the feature, what comes to your mind first? How drupal works? How WordPress works? How are both different?

Okay, let’s crackdown all the questions.

Both are great for making a website for any purpose. But there are a lot of things in between that you need to know. So that you can evaluate what you need, and what it is providing, Drupal may seem complicated, and no doubt it is complex, but the reason for that is WordPress is straightforward in comparison to that.

Drupal has much more functionality than WordPress, and if you can learn to use drupal, you definitely can make a much more complicated website than a WordPress website. And that is the beauty of drupal. If you are looking for a complex site that includes proper pagination, taxonomies, pages, and posts, then drupal is the cms that you need.

You can give access to as many people as you want in drupal and can assign them roles of admin, editor, and other posts, etc.

4. Security

Now, this is the most important thing to consider for most of the people, and it should be if you are running a business website or money-making website.

WordPress vs. Drupal game gets interesting in the department of security as both of the platforms are open source, and anyone can see the code. Although both have a great community to ponder upon the security issues, it is worth noticing that the big corporate websites, including the Government site like white house’s website, are made on drupal. This means that Drupal has a corporate level of security. On the other hand, WordPress is also very concerned about security.

Security comparison
Security comparison

But WordPress websites mostly remain under hacking attacks, and that is mainly because of the third-party plugins. Now WordPress is relatively active in hunting down the culprits. So if you are using the WordPress, then you should install plugins and themes only from WordPress official store. If you will install the cracked plugins or themes, then there is a high chance of getting hacked.

5. Cost

You must be thinking that both are free then why we are discussing the price? Okay, no doubt both Drupal and WordPress are free, but all the things included in it are not free. Drupal will cost you more money because of its developing problems.

WP inCare WordPress Maintenance
WP inCare WordPress Maintenance

In the case of WordPress, you have to pay for the premium themes or plugins you want to install. However, if you are on WordPress, then you can subscribe to our maintenance services for minimal price.


WordPress is a big rival in front of drupal, but the thing is the result. One who can handle drupal development can not look into WordPress for making a custom website. You have plenty of options available for making the website, but in the case of WordPress, more or less, there are limits, and you can not break them unless you are a developer.

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So if you are a developer, or want to be a developer or have enough budget to hire a developer, then drupal is a good option. Otherwise using WordPress, you can make your website in no time.

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