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So, you are looking for a platform to create your blog. Right! Well, there are several options available online to pursue this, but the two major platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is here for many years, and WordPress is also not a new company. Both are well known and widely used platforms. This is the reason; you can get confused about choosing one for your Website.

Not from now! In this article, we will discuss the Blogger Vs WordPress and perks and cons of both platforms; thus it will be way more comfortable for you to go for the Platform that fulfills your business website needs.

In short with Blogger, you can create a blog while using WordPress; you can build a complete professional website. So it is your choice that what you are going to develop.

Setting Your Priorities Before Choosing a Platform

Both WordPress and Blogger has its uses that others can not compete. So before jumping to the conclusion, set your priorities for choosing a Platform. Let me make it easier for you; here are some of the things you should consider before choosing.

  • Support: This is not that important for most people, but for me, it is quite essential to have excellent support from the developers or community. For instance, you are dealing with a problem while setting up your Website, and there is not excellent support back up then you will be going to panic.
  • Easy to handle: This can be your area of concern if you are not that tech-savvy person or not willing to spend some time on learning. So set your priority if you need a platform that is easy to use.
  • Functionality: If you are building a website that is more than just a blog, then your priority about the functionality and flexibility should be set higher.
  • Security: This is also a crucial concern to take into account. If you are making a blog to make money or to build your online presence, then make sure the Platform is secure enough to handle your assets.

WordPress vs Blogger – Comparison According to Priorities

Have you listed your priorities? If yes, let’s start the battle of Blogger Vs WordPress. We will try to compare both on the basis of the following five points:

  1. Support
  2. Feasibility
  3. Functionality
  4. Security
  5. Cost

1.  WordPress vs Blogger – Support:

Support from developers is essential. You may not realize it for now, but a person stuck in a situation while managing his Website knows the importance of support very well.

WordPress has an active community, and new developers are entering in the WordPress community daily. The reason for that is its massive usage all over the world.

You can ask any question in the WordPress forums, and you will answer in no time. Most of the time, most of the problems that you can face using WordPress are already solved in the forums, so this is the advantage of having excellent support.

Blogger, on the other hand, is not that popular, as it is straightforward and is used by the bloggers only, not by the professional website makers. So due to lack of broad community, you can feel alone after you stuck in a problem.

If you are using WordPress and need experts for handling your Website for 100% guaranteed support, then Hire us.

2. Blogger vs WordPress – Feasibility:

It is a concern of many users out there, and most of them are new to the online world. If you are taking feasibility for handling as your priority, then you can choose Blogger over WordPress.

What do I mean by feasibility is, the ease of use and building a blog in less time without any tech-related things or development including. Blogger wins the race here. You have to have a Google account, and you can start building your blog in a few clicks.


Just click on the Sign-in button, and you are good to go. Start writing the blog and you can apply different themes and can embed images and videos in your posts, in short, you can build a well-furnished blog in no time.

WordPress, on the other hand, need some of your time in which you can understand the basics and functionality of WordPress. You have to learn how to install theme, plugins, and how to customize and optimize your WordPress website. But the good news is, you can learn all that in no time. There are hundreds of tutorials available online.

3. WordPress vs Blogger – Functionality:

Blogger has the basic functionality as the name suggests. You can only add simple posts and pages in Blogger to make an essential blog. Themes options are also very less as compared to WordPress. So if you want a simple blog, not a single website, then Blogger is your choice.

On the other hand, WordPress is a complete CMS (content management system), and you can build any professional website using WordPress. In the start, WordPress also started as a blogging platform, but now it is a fully-featured CMS and can do anything related to the extension of the Website.

The essential features of WordPress include blog posting, adding pages, and make categories. Well, these features are also available in Blogger, the main difference is the extensibility. You can add plugins in your WordPress website too. Using plugins, you can any type tweaks with your site. A WordPress website is ever can be converted into a complete E-commerce store. So, if this is something you are into, then WordPress is the best option for you.

4. WordPress vs Blogger – Security:

Security is an important thing- always will be. Either you make a money-making a blog on Blogger or an e-commerce store on WordPress, you need protection to handle the hacking attacks and data breaching attacks. Both Blogger and WordPress have the same kind of security, that is unfortunately not that good.

In the case of WordPress, most of the attacks were made in 2018. As WordPress is an open-source project, anyone can develop plugins for it. And if the plugin is infected with a virus, then your Website will be compromised. So there are a lot of weak points there in WordPress to get hacked.

Blogger, on the other hand, is connected with your Gmail account, and it is reported several times that due to phishing, their Gmail account got hacked thus the Blogger.

If you want a 100% guaranteed WordPress Security and Maintenance, then Contact Us.

5. Blogger Vs WordPress – Cost:

What is your budget? Before starting a website or blog, you need to know your budget. If you want to make a blog only for educational purposes, or as a hobby then there is no need to spend money on purchasing a domain or hosting, you can start for free on Blogger.

WordPress is also free to download and install, but to use WordPress; you have to buy hosting and a domain. You can get an area and host in less than 10$ per month.

Moreover, on WordPress, the plugins can also cost you some fees for premium access. You can also get the premium themes that will give your Website a unique look.


Infographic Representation
Infographic Representation

Pros and Cons of Blogger and WordPress

Now you have a clear idea of both of the platforms. You can now choose one that suits your style and needs.

But before taking your final decision, let’s see the pros and cons of Blogger vs WordPress.

Blogger – Pros:

  • As you know, easy to handle with a quick setup option so that you can set up your blog right away in few clicks.
  • You will get to know the content management in Blogger very fast.
  • This is Free. Any person with the internet and a computer can make a blog.

Blogger – Cons:

  • It is fundamental, with no much functionalities. You can not do much out of it.
  • Customization options are very less. You can not install any 3rd party code to do the tweaks.
  • Design options are also very less. And you have to build a simple theme of your blog on Blogger.

WordPress – Pros:

  • WordPress is a complete content management system.
  • You can build a fully-featured website for any business.
  • WordPress is a complete package to do any customizations to your Website.
  • The best part of WordPress is that it is not that difficult, you have to learn the basics, and you can master it in a short time.
  • WordPress has a massive collection of themes and plugins that you can use for free.
  • You can also add custom code to your WordPress website for adding personal customizations.

WordPress – Cons:

  • This is not free, and you have to make a little investment to purchase a domain and hosting.
  • WordPress optimization and security is not an easy task, you have to take special care for that, or you can Hire Us, and can get peace of mind.


After reading this article, you can easily choose a platform. All the perks and cons are stated in the report. Prioritize your needs then you can select a platform.

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WordPress is the platform for you if you want to build a fully customizable blog or Website. But if you are looking for a platform for making a simple blog and without any charges, then Blogger is there for you.

Now select the Platform, and let us know in comments, that which Platform you like the most.

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