What do WordPress Maintenance Experts Offer that Developers don’t?

So what do you actually need for your WordPress site? WordPress maintenance or Development? You can answer this question by having an in-depth look at the differences. And then you can evaluate quickly that What are you looking for? (Spoiler alert; you are looking for a maintenance expert). In this article, we will discuss:

First of all, let’s just differentiate a WordPress Maintenance expert from a developer.

WordPress Developer is a tech guy that knows how to code and develop sites, simple as that. He can make your Website to do anything you want like making it responsive, developing a custom theme, and doing hardcore coding to build your plugins.

But in the end, you need a WordPress Maintainance expert to maintain all those glitchy (somehow) plugins, heavy themes, on-page SEO, and security issues. In short, a WordPress maintenance expert maintains each and everything of your site that you can ever worry about.

WordPress Maintenance Expert, on the other hand, is a guy that manages your WordPress site and maintains its usability and user experience all around the month. So when you purchase WordPress maintenance services from an agency or any other service provider, they are responsible for managing your complete WordPress site.

What does WordPress maintenance or management mean?

WordPress Maintenance
WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance means to make sure that your Website remains in its perfect condition for the users, just the way they need it to be. WordPress maintenance includes the following services that are not provided by the developers for sure.

  • Performance and Speed Optimization: No one likes a slow website, not even Google, and you know what happens when Google doesn't want any website.
  • Server maintenance: Everything needs a regular clean-up, and in this case, it should be manual.
  • Image and video optimization: Images and videos are useful for user experience, but they significantly affect website performance and speed.
  • Plugins management: Plugins management is one of the most important things that should be taken care of on a regular bases.
  • Backups: No matter how much good hosting you are using, you can lose your data in non-favorable conditions. Regular backups save you here.
  • Updates: Plugins, themes, and widgets improve day by day, and they need to be updated manually.
  • SEO: Everyone wants to be loved by Google.
  • Spam control: The day you get famous, you can get spammy links under your posts, and they need a regular and manual clean-up.
  • Security: You can not trust your password for your Website. Regular security check-ups are necessary.

Why someone will need a WordPress maintenance service?

Why we need WordPress Maintenance
Why we need WordPress Maintenance

Making custom websites from scratch is not that easy, especially for a person with no web development skills, and this is where WordPress comes to solve this problem. No doubt, anyone can make a fully functional WordPress website in no time.

But making a WordPress site and keeping it Up and Run is not a one time process. WordPress website requires regular maintenance, and without that, you can lose your visitors, customers, or even the Website itself if it gets hacked. So spending on WordPress maintenance is always a good investment.

Why I can’t do it by myself?

How many sites do you possess? Even if you have only one website, the whole maintenance process is not that easy or quick.

You can do it by yourself, but for that, you must have enough time and skills to revert anything in case if you mess up the things. That being said, it is much better to hire a WordPress maintenance expert that will do each and everything for you.

For a deep insight, you have to take a look at all the maintenance operations that a maintenance company will do for you. In this way, you can evaluate whether you can do it by yourself or not.

Why don’t developers provide these services?

As described earlier, a developer is meant to be a guy that code your site and design it according to your commands. He does a one time job, and not supposed to provide a regular service or site maintenance.

Now some of you may not agree with me. As some of the WordPress developers also provide the maintenance services or -more precisely, I must say, “they include the maintenance services in development package.

But how can we trust the developers for maintenance, that’s not their specialty Right? Then Why they include that in the development package? Well, that is a marketing tactic that attracts the customers as they present their service as a complete WordPress solution plan.

But that is not for a lifetime or a Year at least. Most of the developers provide the maintenance services only for a month, and at the end, you have to hire a Maintenance expert.

Moreover, someone looking for WordPress maintenance can’t rely on a company that is named as a developer company. Would you?

The services that WordPress developer don’t provide

1. WordPress, plugins and Theme Updates

WordPress updates
WordPress updates

WordPress version and also the upgrade of theme and plugins.

“I like the way I build it, why I should update it”  -A nobs thinking.

Will you go to a party wearing an old fashioned dress? Unless that is the dress code for that party. Updating your WordPress site and its components is essential as the outdated versions of themes or plugins can cause the hacks.

Moreover, updated versions have New features and Functionalities that can add some value to your Website. One of the Primary things included in WordPress maintenance is the regular update of the WordPress core files, themes, and plugins.

What if I do it on my own?

Now you may be thinking that updating the themes and plugins is a few clicks process. Why I can’t do it myself? Well, it is accessible to some extent unless you don’t know how to clean the mess that the new update can cause. It is not usually typical that a plugin or theme update creates mess up, but you should not take the risk on this as it can cost you loss of your customers or visitors.

2. Backups

WordPress Website Backup
WordPress Website Backup

It may seem to you an automated process, but it can not be fully automatic. You can automate a regular backup of your whole site, but that may not include the updates. A regular check and balance on reserves are essential. As if in any case, the Website goes down, it may profoundly affect your trust, and you will end up losing your SERP. Backups save you in these cases.

What if I do it on my own?

As I said earlier, Backups can also be automated, but there is always some technicalities involved in the whole process. The most popular plugins you use for backups are useful for on-site backups, and if your server goes down, you may lose the data. Moreover, the developers of these plugins do not take responsibility for whether these backups will work or not. Sometimes backups get corrupted or cause site structure distortion on restoring. You can get rid of all the headache by hiring a WordPress Maintenance expert.

A maintenance expert will take regular backups or your site and store them at a safe place. The expert also makes sure that the backups are working fine. And in the time of need, he is responsible for doing the restoration.

3. Database Optimization

Database Optimization
Database Optimization

It is the most common mistake that WordPress users do while taking care of the site maintenance. Most of our focus is on-site optimization, including images and videos, but the database is the most important thing you should take care of while doing optimization.

As the name suggests, the database is the storage of your site data, and it also consists of your customer’s data. And a business owner can quickly tell the worth of customer data. With time, when you increase the number of plugins according to your need, and the users on your Website put their data, the size of your Website’s database increases. This causes slow performance.

A WordPress maintenance expert is responsible for optimizing the database by cleaning it up from time to time.

What if I do it on my own?

Unfortunately, there is no useful plugin out there that can optimize your database, and you have to do it manually. Managing database requires a good set of knowledge about database and also a reasonable amount of time to make sure that everything set up smoothly. As this is a time consuming and technical sort of stuff, you should hire a WordPress Maintenance expert for this.

4. Performance

Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization

Nobody likes a slow website. Do you? A stagnant business website can cause severe loss in sales, and the business will lose the trust of its customers. It is evident if a company can not spend on its website performance, then how can it provide excellent products and customer services.

Even if you are running a regular website, slow site speed will damage you in a way or other. Google doesn’t like slow Website nor your visitors. So there is no reason for google is to rank your Website on top of any other fast website.

Site performance is one of the 200 factors that google look for ranking a site on the first page. So you should take some special care of it.

What if I do it on my own?

Well, you can do it by yourself if you have mastered the art of optimization and you have plenty of time too. It also requires the knowledge of coding if there is something wrong in the PHP code or CSS. A WordPress Maintenance expert will make sure that your Website takes the minimum time to open in spite of the number of users and server load. So in short, WordPress maintenance service gives you a guaranteed feeling that your visitors love your site.

5. Site security (Regular security checks)

Security Measures
Security Measures

Looking into Site security is not a one-time thing. You have to take regular security checks to make sure your site is free from malware attacks and have strong passwords with two-auth enable.

If you are taking care of all these things, still there is a good chance of getting malware attacks on your Website. To understand this, you must know that WordPress is an open-source CMS, and each plugin and theme can have backdoors that can help hackers to get into your Website.

Can you read the code? Can you identify the malware in the code? If yes, then Well and good. But most of the site owners can’t. You have to hire an expert who can do that. A WordPress maintenance agency has experts that can read into codes and can clean them if they have the malware.

Now you may be thinking that why would WordPress will give plugins with malware? It is not the WordPress or developers of it that are giving malware with plugins or themes. This actually happens when you download themes or plugins from another source. Most of the people fall into this trap of Free premium themes and plugins. And most of the time they end up installing the malware on their Website.

Such malware does their work silently and takes over the site when you have a good customer base or any money related thing interlinked. Site security is an essential thing that needs regular care of an expert, and the agencies offering WordPress maintenance services can do the work for you.

What if I do it on my own?

If you have enough time to monitor the security of your WordPress site, then you can do it. You must also know what to do and how to recover the site if it somehow gets hacked even after taking all the security measures. In this era of cyberwar, your website security is no joke. And if you love your Website and don’t want to get hacked, hire WordPress maintenance experts and let them fight with the hackers.

6. SEO

Search engine Optimization
Search engine Optimization

In this era of expensive advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) is the only hope to bring organic visitors or customers. Search engine optimization is actually a method or set of techniques that modify your content according to the user’s needs. And thus it is also loved by Google.

SEO can be divided into two parts, On-Page SEO and off-page SEO. WordPress maintenance experts usually don’t handle off-page SEO, but they actively manage the on-page SEO of your Website. On-page SEO includes:

  • Content structuring.
  • Interlinking.
  • Speed optimization Monitoring of visitors actions thus provides the relevant content on the right page.
  • Some WordPress maintenance service providers also give a guarantee of first-page ranking on Google.

So in short, with a better SEO of your Website, you can save a lot of advertisements, and it will also build your customer base.

What if I do it on my own?

If you have significant experience in SEO, then you can definitely do that. But SEO does not have any hard and fast rules. Google does update the new policies from time to time on its blog. And if you are not a good reader or don’t have time for reading the original plans, you still can hire a Maintenance service, and they will handle all the things that need to be taken care of.

7. Make it Responsive

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

How many devices do you possess? Do you have all types of smartphones, like Android, iPhone, iPad, and much more? Because you will need them to check if your Website is responsive on all the devices or not?

Most of the users come from mobile nowadays, and if your Website is not opening in the correct structure in that device, that user will bounce off your Website.

A man can’t possess all the devices to check if the Website is responsive or not. In this case, the Website maintenance agency can do the job. They make sure that your Website is well smooth and opening in all types of devices incorrect form.

What if I do it on my own?

Many themes claim that by using them, we can make our WordPress website responsive, but the case is not the same every time. We can never know without checking if it is responsive for that specific device or not. So it is much better to handover this sort of work to the experts.

8. Spam clean-up

Spam Clean up
Spam Clean up

Backlinking is a dirty game. Or we can say this is a necessary evil, but some bloggers take this practice to a spam level that can be a headache to you.

We can not block blog commenting under the articles because the opinion of the users matters a lot. But we can also not monitor it 24/7/Taking advantage of this, and the bloggers make spam commenting under your articles. These spammy links can affect your rankings, and they need to be removed from time to time.

Most of the WordPress Maintenance experts provide this service for Free.

What if I do it on my own?

It is a very filthy process; a person with a lot of time and patience is perfect for this job. If you love to spend time with your family and friends, then you must not do this on your own.

9. Fixing broken links

A single article can be linked with the other articles on your Website or to the other Website with the help of Anchor text. But with time the links can get broken, the Website you are linking to can get down, or other possibilities can break that link. This will be totally a wrong impression on the users. So these links must understand the relevant backend on clicking.

That can be a long process because you have to search for each anchor text for relevant article or content.

What if I do it on my own?

It is not a very technical thing, and you can do it by yourself with a little bit of research and time. But if your WordPress Maintenance provider is giving it with the package, then there is no need to do it by yourself.

10. Server related issues

Technical things can always have technical issues. And in the case of Website, there are several technical issues involved. Server issues are one of them, and they are essential because a minor issue in a server can crash your Website. And crash can cost you money.

If you are a blogger or just a service provider, it is not compulsory to be a technical person also. But you must have a professional person to look after all these processes at the spot so that you can stay up all the time for your customers.

What if I do it on my own?

If you are a technical type of person and have enough experience in handling server issues, you can do it on your own. But if you are just a blogger and love to write, then don’t worry, WordPress maintenance experts are there for you.

Last Words:

A WordPress developer is a guy that is developing a web page, themes, and plugins. He does provide a one time service while a WordPress developer, on the other hand, is a guy that takes full care of your site and make sure that your Website is safe a secure and more importantly that the Google and the customers love the site.

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WP inCare WordPress Agency

Now, as you know the services that are provided by WordPress developer Vs, the services provided by the WordPress maintenance expert, you can feel the need for a WordPress maintenance expert.

Most of the maintenance experts charge hundreds of dollars for monthly WordPress maintenance, now if you have a small business or if you want to maintain your blog you can not afford that amount of money every month.

But you don’t have to worry anymore because we are providing top-notch WordPress maintenance at a very affordable price. We are providing all the possible WordPress maintenance services. You don’t have to think about any hacking attacks or site crashes, moreover, we will give you a monthly report too. With the help of our SEO expert team, you will see a significant increase in the sales for your business. What type of WordPress maintenance are you looking for? Tell us about your thoughts in the comment section.

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