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If your event managing website is not well maintained, how can one esteem that your event will be? You have to provide the attendees with an entirely administered platform with innovations like registration, calendar, and maps to tell them briefly about your event. If you are a coder or can hire one, then everything can be simple for you. But if you are a non-technical person and still want to contemplate with every essential feature, then WordPress is for you. You can add every peculiarity for an event to your WordPress website using different plugins, and most of them are Free.

Many plugins are being used for managing an event, like EventOn, Event Manager, All in one event manager, and Amelia. Still, we found that the Wp event manager is best among all. This event manage plugin comes with some very robust plugins that make the work easy for you, and you don’t need a developer at any stage of building your website.

The plugin – WP event manager that is being discussed here is a complete package, and after that, you don’t have to worry about some other plugin or add-on to manage your WordPress site. For example, you want to maintain a website for a singer and his next events and concerts. By using this plugin, you can display all the activity in a very alluring fashion with all the details of every event, not only that, but you can also sell tickets right from your website using this plugin. Isn’t that amazing? WP event manager comes in handy because it gives you the freedom to choose the add-ons you need from the list of add-ons so that you don’t have to install all the add-ons. Here is the list of all the add-ons, their functioning, and features.

1. Registrations

Every event should have an online registration form, and this makes the game authentic and well managed. WP event manager comes with the registration add-on that you can use to allow the visitor to register for the fact that you can further process in the admin panel. This plugin is quite a developer’s friendly in case if you want to make any modification. However, it has all the possible features; here is a list of all the features that you are going to get using this add-on.

● Registration Dashboard

The dashboard provided by this add-on is much more extensive and detailed. It not only allows you to see the list of the users who did the registrations, but you can also see total enrollments, users who canceled, users who confirmed, archived, and checked in, etc.

● Registered Users List

When you allow your users to register for the event, they can put the information in there, and that is what you demand from them. Once the user gets logged on your event website, you can see all the information about them in the form. You can also see the time of their purchase, the number of tickets they purchased, and thus you can change the status from the waiting list to confirm. You can also mark a specific attendee for some actions later. Moreover, you can comment on someone’s registration form for your other team members or the user. You can also send emails to the attendees right from there. Also, you can delete any attendee registration.

● Get a Registered Status

Once a user is registered for an event in the listing, you can see that the user is already registered for that event. The searching for registered attendees for the next events can be time-consuming, but you don’t have worry using this add-on as this will manage all the things exceptionally well, you can see a registered status in the event listing that this attendee is already registered for this event.

These are some of the significant features for this add-on, you will also get a lot of other features like adding registrations from the backend, managing the registration forms and notifications for the attendees.

2. Sell Tickets

If you are managing an event, then you should issue some pass or tickets for your users. Selling tickets can be a pain for a developer if that has to manage using any payment gateway. But for your WordPress website, Sell tickets are one of the best add-ons that will sell tickets for you on autopilot and inform you about the number of tickets sold, and you have to see those reports. It integrates with WooCommerce, so you don’t have to worry about the payment gateway. The Following Are Some of the significant features of this add-on.

● Create Three Types of Tickets

You can change the nature of the ticket that you are giving to your users. No doubt, the add-on name is Paid ticket, but you don’t have to do that all the time. So you can create three types of tickets. The sell tickets, the free tickets, and the donation tickets. For the paid ticket, the user has to pay the asked price, but for the free ticket, the user can get the e-ticket in his mailbox without paying anything. If you are organizing a charity event, you can create a charity ticket, in which you can set a minimum price for the ticket, but users can pay as much as they can.

● Download the Ticket

You can download the tickets for any of the attendees to use that in the event reception or anywhere else. Users can also download the ticket and take a print that can be used for the entrance.

● Backend Settings for Tickets

You get a very user-friendly backend editor for the tickets that you can edit using the required information, price for the ticket, and information about the ticket.

● Overview Details

You get an overview of all the tickets sold, the VIP tickets, free tickets, and the amount of money collected selling those tickets. You can then sort them according to different categories too.


Looking at the features of the Event Plugins above, you can evaluate that this is one of the best event managing plugins. Other than this, you have to develop the website using hardcore coding, and this is a costly option. The wp-event manager plugin is not free, but it is totally worth it.

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