How to Strikethrough text in Google Docs?

Strikethrough text in Google Docs is a widely used element. Occasionally, you will have to utilize the strikethrough text performance in Google Docs, plus it helps you to understand just how you can use that functionality.

What’s the Strikethrough, you ask?

The strikethrough is a feature on word processors which enables you to cross out some words while still providing those words noticeable to the viewer.

This’s a very good feature in case you are a blogger that enjoys creating sassy comments after delivering info and in case you control content marketing and advertising initiatives as well as love to really feel the dopamine rush of a crossed off to-do wish list item.

But the strikethrough functionality is not usually mentioned in a clear place within the Toolbar, particularly in case you are utilizing Google Docs. Mastering Google Docs for blogging is crucial to quickly total information in case you, the clients of yours, or maybe your organization work throughout the Google Suite; its shared editing is unmatched.

Getting a handle on utilizing the strikethrough function is quite simple to work. It simply entails memorizing nested folders or keyboard shortcuts in Google Doc’s toolbar menus. Really, exactly how do you strikethrough text in Google Docs? The TL;DR version:

Strikethrough text in Google docs Shortcut

For Mac: Highlight the term or maybe phrase you wish to strikethrough and also drive Command + Shift + X. Double-check your highlighted text today as a line through it.

Strike Through - MAC
Strikethrough – MAC

For Linux and windows: Highlight the term or maybe phrase you wish to strikethrough and also drive Alt + Shift + five. Double-check your highlighted text today as a line through it. Tips on how you can Strikethrough Text in Google Docs on the Toolbar

  • Step one: Log in to Google Drive and open the Google Doc, which has the selected text you wish to strikethrough.
  • Step two: Highlight the terms or phrases you wish to strike through.

    Highlight Term - Strikethrough
    Highlight Term – Strikethrough
  • Step three: Select “Format” from the Toolbar at the upper part of the display screen.
  • Step four: From the drop-down menu, select “Text.”

    Select Text - Strikethrough
    Select Text – Strikethrough
  • Step five: From the drop-down menus, which seems to the right, select “Strikethrough.”
  • Step six: Double check that your particular highlighted text today as a line through it.

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Google docs is now a widely used online editor, and people are getting used to it with time. Some of its features are a bit tricky to find like strikethrough text. You can see the method above to do strikethrough text in Google Docs.

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