7 points to consider while selecting best hosting services (2019)

Many people don’t give much importance to hosting services. This article will change your perception. Take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule. It will save you from doing the same mistake most people did.

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Hosting services enable you to put data of your business on the Internet. Best Hosting services store and safeguard all your data. It can be viewed by you and your audience. Best hosting service is vital to creating an impact. It is essential due to a number of reasons. The decision to opt for hosting service is not limited to the scale of your business. This case applied to all size of websites. An informed and right decision by you will be beneficial for the growth of your business. The contrary approach can be devastating. Many businesses choose relatively cheap hosting services due to the scale of their business or trying to cut cost. Switching to a Professional and best hosting service can become a hectic deal. There are several reasons to opt for the best hosting services. This article covers a few most important aspects

1. Reliability

Reliable Hosting
Reliable Hosting

Reliability is the key element before opting for any hosting service. There are hundreds of hosting services available. It is significant for you to select the best hosting service from available choice. This is a very simple idea. Webmaster wants to run the website smoothly. Every second a website is offline it loses traffic. You will never like to lose a potential client.

“Web Hosting Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7.”

Dr. Chris Dayagdag

There are a few important points you need to consider while opting for any service. Downtime is the key criteria when talking about reliability.

There are a few very common reasons for downtime:

Power Failures:

Power failure is one of the key reason for downtime in this era. Hosting Services are continuously working on it to give more than one alternate power resources. Best Hosting services always rely on more than one secondary powers. It helps them to cope with extreme situations.

Human Error:

These are usually caused by the unprofessional approach. This is where the importance of the best hosting services become more significant. Strict compliance is necessary which are usually overlooked by most of hosting services.

Cyber Attacks:

Best hosting services provides safety against data theft. Cyber attack is one of the most alarming issues in past as well as recent times.
In 2018, Under Armor reported that it’s “My Fitness Pal” was hacked, affecting 150 million users. (Under Armor)

Natural Disaster:

This is the un-arguably most disastrous issue which cannot be overcome. The USA faced major natural disasters in shape of Hurricanes in recent years. Additionally,  Floods, earthquakes and tornados are some of the other disasters. These are unavoidable for humans but can be cope by carefully selecting Hosting service.

2. Better SEO

Website SEO
Website SEO

The Internet is a very huge market. There are a number of businesses that are competing in the same niche. Proper SEO distinguish your business from others. SEO is one of the biggest challenges for any organizations. Hosting services having nothing to do with SEO of Website but they can harm optimization in shape of speed, uptime, and security. Free or relatively low-cost services does not provide complete tools to deal with SEO needs. SEO is the backbone of any Website. Business struggles and fails to create an impact in its absence. Professional web hosting services give business liberty to access SEO tools. It can help webmasters to apply best SEO practices which in turn yields more traffic. Growth is the ultimate objective of any business. Reliability and SEO are the building block of this goal.

3. Website Speed

Website Speed
Website Speed

Nobody likes a lazy person in today’s world. Same is the case with Websites. Website or Web-Page speed is an important element of user experience. Visitors want to see the required content on a click of a button. Page Speed is also an element of Google’s Algorithm.

Kissmetrics study suggests,

  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less,
  • Mobile device users expect websites to be more responsive than desktop users,
  • 40% of people stopped using a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Website Speed depends majorly on two factors

Suppose the optimization of your website is properly done. If Hosting Service provider is neglecting responsibilities. It will be unfavorable for your Website. Go through reviews of Experts before opting for any Hosting Service provider.

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4. Timely Backups

Website Back Up
Website Back Up

Professional Services ensure the data of their clients are safe. They have automated strategies to protect every bit of data. Best service providers provide this as value added service.

Opting for an un-managed service means losing your data often and then putting your own efforts to secure your data which costs extra and in a long run bearing more expense then opting for professional web hosting service.

To protect your site and your rankings from data loss you need to have some kind of backup system. A high-quality host will have a backup system in place that will help you quickly recover from any of the above scenarios.

Common types of backup are:

On-Server Backup:

Your data and website are stored on the same server. It results in efficient response time. It is more prone to get failed.

Off-Server Backup:

Off-Server Backup saves your website and data separately. It makes your data more secure.

5. Technical Support

Technical Support
Technical Support

Best hosting services provides round the clock support. This helps businesses to get in touch with support for any minor issue which can make a huge impact shortly or later on. On the contrary, un-managed services have limited technical support hours. They usually take extended hours to give technical assistance. Eventually, it results in the loss of valuable clients and traffic.  Professional services also evaluate their services and clients needs at short intervals to confirm best industry practices going in Organization to satisfy clients expectations.

These managed services save your time and money. Timely suggestions by service provider save you from any downtime and maintain user experience as well. Additionally, support saves you from spending extra money to hire an Administrator. These services usually provide technical assistance round the clock meaning your website has an administrator 24/7.

6. Scalability

Scalable Hosting
Scalable Hosting

Scalability permits websites to add or subtract bandwidth, storage or any other resource. Website growth is an overall target which every business wishes to obtain. Best hosting service providers have a range of hosting plans. These plans are designed to meet the budget and growth needs of a business. High traffic surge is mostly faced by E-Commerce business during the Sales season. Unfortunately, most businesses failed to realize the importance of this element until they face it. Now audiences are getting more demanding. They want to see the required details instantly. One bad experience means the user will not return.

Businesses need flexible solutions by hosting providers. Flexible Solutions can be upgraded or downgraded depending on circumstances. Best Hosting services also offer an evaluation to suggest when you need a change in the service plan.

7. Traffic Handling

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Traffic handling is one of the key elements, especially for online stores. Best hosting services have a variety of plans to cope with sudden traffic surges. This sudden traffic can create opportunities as well as a disaster for business if not dealt in an appropriate manner. Sudden traffic can slow down and even crash your website. Neither of the cases is pleasant considering user experience. Traffic flow can generate massive revenues or decline for business.  Business often witnesses these issues on Occasions and Sales. Best Hosting service provides a range of hosting plans.

Additionally, as webmaster, you must have a thorough understanding of how to cope with the traffic surge. We are listing some common practices to handle traffic.

  • Discuss with hosting service provider in advance regarding scaling up and down resources,
  • Use the Content Delivery Network,
  • Optimize files and cache pages timely,
  • Monitor and analyze all element continuously,

According to conversionxl, approximately 75% of users opt for competitor sites when your website is unresponsive.

10 Best Hosting Service Providers

Best Hosting Services
Best Hosting Services

A study by Hostingfacts reveals the best hosting Service providers. The study is based on the following key criteria:

  • Speed
  • Up-time
  • Cost
  • Support

Here is the list of top 10 Best Hosting Service providers with all data

S No Hosting Company Name Speed( milliseconds) Up-time Cost/month Support
1 Blue Host 425 ms 99.99% 2.75$ (1- 3 years plan) Live Chat
2 Host Gator Cloud 419 ms 99.97% 2.99$(1,3 and 6 months plans) Live Chat
3 Site Ground 714 ms 99.99% 3.95$ (1-year plan) Live Chat
4 Hostinger 385 ms 99.87% 1.45$ (4-year plan) Live Chat
5 iPage 821 ms 99.98% 1.99$ (3-year plan) Live Chat
6 A Small Orange 700 ms 99.99% 5.92$ (1-3 year plan) Live Chat
7 Dreamhost 710 ms 99.95% 2.59 $ (3-year plan) Live Chat
8 A2 Hosting 376 ms 99.91% 3.92$ (3-year1-year Live Chat
9 WestHost 893 ms 99.93% 1.99$ (1-year plan) Live Chat
10 Midphase 1093 ms 99.99% 3.95$ (1-year plan) Live Chat

Types of web hosting services

There are different types of web hosting services the most common 5 services are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Servers
  • Colocation Web Hosting

Let us give you a short review of all these services. It will be an easy call for you to select as per your requirement.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting service requires you to share server space with other websites.

Advantage: This service allows you to share the cost with other websites. It is a relatively economical setup for new websites.

Disadvantage: A popular website can consume major bandwidth in Shared hosting. This can result in slow down of other websites that are sharing the server.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

It is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. It eliminates the disadvantage faced by new websites in the shared hosting case.

Advantage: You have a guaranteed CPU and RAM.

Disadvantage: Shared hosting share all resources so variation in traffic results in minor effects. Contrary, dedicated CPU and RAM restricts you to a certain limit. Any traffic surge negatively affects website performance.

3. Cloud Hosting

It is a relatively new technology. It combines several individual servers and makes a single giant server. Hosting Companies keeps adding hardware to increase the size of the cloud.

Advantage: It can easily handle traffic surges.

Disadvantage: Cloud Hosting is more vulnerable to cyber attack issues.

4. Dedicated Web Servers

It means you rented dedicated physical hardware from hosting service. None of the resources is shared with any other website.

Advantage: It gives you high-end performance and security.

Disadvantage: The costing of having the services is on the higher side.

5. Colocation Web Hosting

This type of Hosting providers rents their space to webmasters. Website owners need to install their own hardware. Hosting service provider only looks after the security, power and internet link domain of the server.

Advantage: Webmasters enjoy dedicated infrastructure and security of Hosting service provider.

Disadvantage: It needs a high level of technical skills and expertise.

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Final Words

It is of utmost importance to watch out above discussed points. Additionally, We discussed with you some of the best hosting service providers. These best hosting services along with the type will give you an idea of your requirement. Either you are building a Website for any business or yourself. The best hosting service provider will make your Job easy in a long run. Moreover, it helps your business to work on its full potential.

Nobody wants to lose a single client in this competitive market. Investing in Good Service is essential to gain clients and make them loyal users.

Here is a short Summary of above-discussed points

  • Opt for a reliable and trustworthy Hosting Service provider with good reviews,
  • Site Speed must be impressive,
  • Downtime should be as close to Zero as possible,
  • Round the clock support is a must with minimum response time from Support,
  • There should be a variety of packages to scale your website,
  • There must be round the clock technical support.

Your host is the building block of your business. You need to choose it wisely.

Comment on this post for feedback and suggestions. Your feedback is very important and valuable for us.

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