What is KOL marketing? How to implement?

Kol marketing is a form of extremely hot advertising and effective for businesses. For businesses, organizations, and big brands, the use of Kols in their advertising strategy is familiar and very effective. However, not everyone understands the definition of Kol Marketing; this article will help you understand that concept as well as the importance of Kol Marketing.

Answering the Question: What is KOL Marketing?

Kol Marketing is essentially a form of advertising based on influencers in the social network community; people with huge likes and followers operate in many different fields. Celebrities can be actors, singers, musicians, comedians, MCs, models, famous vloggers, or hot bloggers. They will collaborate with companies to promote brands, promote products and services.

The advertising trend, thanks to Kols, is growing and widely used in the United States and all over the world. The perfect combination of online marketing and the real experience of famous people.

Services – product units will be cleverly introduced by celebrities on posts, photos, or videos on their profile. If you have the money to invest, you can invite celebrities to your promotional videos and write ads on newspaper pages.

Currently, YouTube is also the place where Kols share videos to review products and services.

What does KOL Mean?

What does KOL Mean?
What does KOL Mean?

KOL, or Key Opinion Leaders, are individuals with a voice with great influence and are individuals with specialized knowledge in a specific field of interest. KOL is an effective method for businesses to convey messages about their products/services.

Because of their certain influence, which all proposals, the decision of these KOL are heard and valued, for example, a medicinal product will surely be used by customers to trust, when a famous doctor recommends it. A restaurant will have more customers to eat than if a famous chef regularly visits and give a lot of praise for the dishes there.

The KOL method exists in various fields, ranging from sports, photography, cosmetics, entertainment, and various professions that are dependent on trust. Influential individuals can be sports commentators, coaches, athletes, critics, and celebrities.

But sometimes, they are the KOL not necessarily because they are well known as a true A-class star, which is largely due to their voices of great influence in a certain field. Customers who receive less information, become dependent on influential voices, to help them make decisions, and make purchases.

With the development of today’s social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or TIKTOK, the KOL or influencer’s role is as important in building and orientation the Marketing message of businesses.

KOL’s Role in the Marketing Strategy of the Business

Advertising products through celebrities, Kol is the link for the success of the marketing campaign. Depending on the size of the project, the Hot level of Kol that companies choose to cooperate with the right people, consistent with the business sector.

Taking advantage of the explosion of social networks and fast transmission speed on the Internet, your products and services will quickly reach customers. The use of celebrities then assessing quality will increase the trust of online users and promote higher purchasing behavior.

If you know how to combine Kol Marketing and other online advertising methods, your marketing strategy will be very successful. The Kols show more effective communication, greater spread, business brands, and services as well as products that will reach customers closer and more.

Differences of Influencer and KOL

Many businesses attach two concepts; influencer and KOL because both concepts refer to individuals who use their power and influence to influence their customers’ purchasing decisions. Influencer, like KOL, can make great feedback to customers.

They can be incredibly well-known people, fully trusted by fans. In many cases, the fans above looking to them are not so entertaining, but rather to find the advice on the product they are wondering about buying in the market.

While influencers are often socially influential individuals, with large followers, KOL is a broader term, which refers to specialists in science, agriculture, medicine, politics, technology, and more.

There are a few incompatible points between the two-concept KOL and Influencer: While influencers attract fans and regularly monitor their activities, KOL does not attract the overwhelming crowd of fans.

There are cases where the influencer is KOL, but there is no case in which a KOL is an influencer.

When a business wants to promote products/services related to an intensive profession, requiring the introduction of a weight-conscious voice, they need a KOL’s opinion instead of the influencer. Since the business’s goal is not to need the attention of a vast audience, they need their target customers to choose products and conduct purchases (based on advice from the expert above).


The trust in customers’ expertise is the key to businesses that use KOL to promote their products. Whether the expert is famous or not, their voices are respected in the community of followers or those who work in the field above. Experts have built a trusting relationship with their community, and that trust has the potential to impact the purchasing decisions of customers. Whether it’s influencer or KOL, the business doesn’t forget to use the human factors ‘ impact on success in marketing campaigns. Hopefully, the knowledge above will contribute to using KOL in your business’s marketing campaigns in the future.

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