How to Solve the “Too Many Redirects” Error in WordPress?

Too many redirects on WordPress, also known as ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, is one of the widespread WordPress errors. This should be solved to get better website speed. But you don’t have to worry as we came up with an easy guide to fix this too many redirects error.

WordPress is a reliable and stable CMS to use. Nevertheless, it could be influenced by some errors which may appear odd at times. For probably the most part, these issues are triggered by outside sources. The particular core programming of WordPress is reasonably functional.

These external sources can be available in the form of plugins or maybe themes which are incompatible with the product. As a result, you sway run into a mistake which states there are way too many redirects. This means your site isn’t going to function correctly.

Really, which food do you do if your browser lets you know you will find very a lot of these happening or that it is behaving in a manner that won’t ever finish? This tutorial will teach you how to resolve the issue of redirects and get your website running as it is supposed to.

Exactly why does this particular error happen?

In many instances, this issue is brought on by incorrect configuration. WordPress itself uses a kind of redirection when it assigns the URLs in your latest pages plus posts. If one more device is improperly configured or perhaps programmed, it can create a looping effect.

In certain situations, this particular looping is an outcome of optimizing the URLs of the websites of yours. Various SEO tools can provide you with a good deal of influence over how you can redirect URLs.

When there’s a conflict in programming or settings, these URLs can develop a circular design. When the websites can’t be solved since they continue to get redirected, then the error is found in the internet browser.

Fixing Too many redirects WordPress!

You can easily fix this Too many redirects issue. All you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below.

First of all, you have to fix the issue mentioned above. When the user comes to your site, he /she type the Url like two methods.


Now, if you have chosen the first option in your WordPress and the user types the 2nd option, then the site will redirect towards the beginning, and this causes the issue of Too many redirects.

When WordPress is installed, it is going to use the default domain options in the web host to find out these URLs automatically. Occasionally, you are also in a position to configure them by hand during installation. Either way, it is usually this setting that triggers the redirect error.

Most hosting providers enable either configuration to handle one URL. Absolutely no matter how individuals sort the address, with and without the “www,” they’ll nevertheless be in a position to get into the website of yours.

Many designers will incorrectly have their website configured after the original installation. In case you or even a third party changes the URLs within WordPress later, and then the oversight for a lot of redirects will happen.

To fix the error:

  1. Go to Settings in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Now select the General as shown in the image below.

    General Settings
    General Settings
  3. Now in the general settings, you can see the site URL and WordPress URL. Change the URL so that the redirect thing goes off. You should change both URLs, and if you are removing the www prefix, then you should remove it for both.

    Change URL
    Change URL

Now you can save the changes.

If you don’t possess a dependable WordPress hosting provider, & they deny having some problems as well as decline to support you, then you definitely will think about switching web hosts or even correct it yourself.

To solve this particular, you have to alter your WordPress Address and Site Address. Go to Settings » General, change the WordPress of yours and also Site Address. In case you have the address of yours with the www prefix, then alter it to non-www URL, of course, if you’ve it with non-www URL and then pour the www prefix.

Too many redirects after plugin installation

Only some plugins play great with one another. Sometimes the options of a plugin can conflict with WordPress directly. In this situation, you have to deactivate and eliminate the plugin.

In case you are in a position to log into your admin display screen when your website is providing a redirect error, you have to uncover and deactivate the plugin. Begin with your most recent activation. To do this:

  • Step one: Go on the “Plugins” area of your respective WordPress dashboard.
  • Step two: Find the plugin in question and click the “Deactivate” link below its title.
  • Step three: Click the “Delete” link, which becomes available in case you are confident this plugin isn’t helping you after deactivating it.
  • Step four: When the website was working fine before you installed a brand new plugin, this is much more than likely the cause.

Some other Too many redirects issues and how to solve them

First, you have to determine which plugin is leading to the issue. Did you activate a new plugin recently right before this particular mistake happened? Did you update plugins before this specific error occurred? When the solution to one of the above questions is YES, and then it narrows the issue down to that particular plugin. You can deactivate that plugin by deleting that plugin’s folder from wp-content/plugins/

When you don’t know which plugin is leading to the issue, then you will need to perform some error and trial—the fastest means to accomplish this by deactivating most plugins. After deactivation of most plugins on your website, you have to make use of FTP to obtain the.htaccess file as a backup. You can see this particular file inside your site’s root directory. When you’ve downloaded the file, delete it from the server of yours. Now attempt to access the website of yours.

This procedure is going to allow the server of yours to regenerate a brand new. htaccess file, and since there aren’t any plugins activated, it’ll probably correct the problem. If the error is long gone now, you already know for sure it was a plugin making this error.

The next thing is finding out which plugin was the cause. To do this, you have to obtain and opt for new duplicates of your plugins. Activate plugins one after the other, and after activating every plugin, try to browse numerous web pages on your website through a different browser as a non logged in user. Hopefully, you are going to find the plugin that triggered the issue.

These’re all of the potential solutions that could solve this “error too many redirects issue” in WordPress. Did one of the above remedies fix the issue for you?


You can also fix most of the errors in WordPress by uninstalling the plugin or Themes. Too many redirects in WordPress can also be caused by the same. But here in this guide, you can find some easy fixes like Changing the URL, Contacting your Hosting provider, and some other technical things. If you are still getting this too many redirects error, then you can leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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