How to Monetize your WordPress website?

You can monetize your WordPress site and make money on the blog. But not every blogger prepares publications under a palm tree with a laptop. What can I say, not every author of a personal journal can buy this laptop for his income from a blog. Okay, let’s be honest: most bloggers don’t even pay for hosting and domain.

The problem is not the lack of monetization tools or even the inability to use them. Most bloggers, for one reason or another, cannot make a weblog that can be monetized. You won’t make money on a laptop under a palm tree if you place the AdSense block on a site with 100 unique visits per day.

However, this article will discuss ways to monetize your blog. You will find out when and which blog you can monetize, which tools to use to earn money, and which ones to stay away from. By the way, the article will be useful to owners of enterprises, and not just potential webmasters, moneymakers. It is easier for entrepreneurs from the plough to profit from publications on the Internet than to pure information business people.

When can I monetize my WordPress website?

There is no single answer to this question. The ability to make money on a weblog depends on the topic and the chosen method of monetization. For example, in an expensive commercial niche, several hundred unique visitors per day can provide you with a decent income. And in the entertainment theme and several thousand unique ones per day may not be enough for a respectable income.

Theoretically, you can earn income from the first days of the blog. For example, a start publication can lead visitors to the magazine, some of which will become your customers. If you have chosen the monetization advertising model, first readers can view commercial units and bring you the first money. Many advertising systems do not impose requirements for on-site traffic.

Do this: choose a guideline, after which you think you can monetize your blog. Before reaching your target, think about developing a resource.

Do not put advertisements on a magazine with attendance of 10 or 100 people per day. Why? Earned pennies can become a very powerful demotivator. You will perform several arithmetic operations and see that for a laptop under palm trees; you will not only have not enough thousands but also 10 thousand unique ones per day. You will think that if 150 people a day have achieved attendance in a year, then up to 10 thousand will have to keep a blog for another 15 years. You will not want to wait so long and stop writing.

Another reason: instead of creating content and developing your blog, you will spend time experimenting with ad units.

In the right way, if you are interested in making money, you should treat a blog as a business project. That is, you must plan what kind of income or profit a magazine should bring. After that, you need to calculate what indicators of attendance and conversion are required to achieve the target income.

Postpone calculations until you consider specific monetization tools. This will increase the accuracy of business planning.

Google Adsense

You can publish Google AdSense ad units right after you create your blog. Google’s contextual advertising system accepts ad sites without traffic restrictions. The blog must comply with the standard rules.

To post an ad, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a Google Adsense account.
  • Add a blog to the system in the menu “Settings – My Sites”.
  • Select the appropriate ad unit in the My Ads menu.
  • Copy the code and add it to the site.

To add an ad code to your WordPress blog, use the standard Text widget, a standard Google plugin, and alternative plugins for inserting code like WP Insert Code.

If your design template has the appropriate functionality, paste the code through the theme management menu.

Add your ad code to your WordPress blog using the standard Text widget. The official Google AdSense plugin for WordPress automatically analyzes the installed design template and offers the optimal arrangement of ad units. With this add-in, you can post ads in a minute.

How much you can earn with Google AdSense?

Moneymakers from Sorcha say that the average CTR of AdSense ad units in Runet is from 1 to 5%. Their counterparts from the English-language forums consider a CTR of 1.5% as a good indicator.

The cost of the transition depends on the topic. For entertainment sites, the average is between 1 and 5 cents per click. For construction sites, the average cost of the transition is from 10 to 20 cents. Going to automobile and IT sites on websites brings owners a few tens of cents.

Information about the cost of the transition is obtained by analyzing messages on popular forums in RuNet.

Please note that the clickthrough rate can be considered differently. Imagine that 1000 people per day visit your blog. They view an average of three pages. This provides you with 30 click-throughs on advertisements.

Google AdSense measures clickthrough rates based on the number of pages viewed. That is, your CTR is 1%: 30 * 100/3000. It’s more convenient for some webmasters to calculate CTR based on the number of visitors. In this option, the indicator will be 3%: 30 * 100/1000.

Direct Selling Advertising

If you use Google AdSense or other systems, part of each payment from the advertiser is left to the intermediary. In order not to share with anyone, you can sell ads directly. This is how significant publications and authors of popular blogs act. As an example, pay attention to Lifehacker.

By the way, no one bothers you at the same time publishing Direct or AdSense blocks and banners from direct advertisers.

The benefits of direct interaction with advertisers are clear: you don’t pay intermediaries. Are there any problems? Of course.

Ads from Yandex or Google are usually embedded in the context of the page. The subject matter of the direct advertiser may not coincide with the subject of the blog.

For example, you write about cars, and a direct advertiser buys from you a place for advertising household appliances. What is the problem? Losing a commercial message out of context worsens the user experience and reduces the effectiveness of ads.

There are two ways to monetize your WordPress website

The first is selling ads. There are thousands of tools for implementing the advertising model: from Direct and AdSense to teaser networks and affiliate programs. Advertising monetization works. But you can safely continue this thesis with the words “as yet”.

Advertising blindness of the audience reduces the effectiveness of commercial messages. Advertisers are looking for alternative marketing tools, and publisher revenue is falling. Yes, there are successful examples of monetization through advertising. But the prospects for the monetization advertising model are, to put it mildly, vague. Therefore, be realistic when planning tools for generating revenue from your blog.

The second way is participation in the market. If you have a business, start a blog to attract customers. If you have a blog, do business to monetize the magazine. There are many ways to engage in the market. Fashion blogger Ferragni has created a collection of fashionable clothes. Rodela, the author of the computer blog, opened a computer repair shop. And you are looking for business opportunities in the niche you are writing about.

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Can I make money in other ways, for example, using a paid subscription or fundraising? Try it yourself, and then share the experience in the comments.

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