How to Easily Add a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress?

So, you are looking for some donations for whatever good work you are putting on your website. Right! Well, if you are using WordPress, then you are in luck, as this is quite easy to add a PayPal Donate Button in WordPress.

There are multiple ways to add the Paypal donate button in WordPress. In this tutorial, we will review all the methods one by one. In case you provide a company or maybe a system that’s useful to individuals (and you do this for) that is free, including a donate button on your WordPress website will guide you gain from the efforts of yours. Everyone is typically prepared to donate to a purpose that has assisted them to solve one problem or even the other person.

Other sites/situations that might create a donate necessary button consist of operating nonprofit or charitable organizations, developing a website for a religious program, gathering donations towards disaster relief, running a fundraising campaign to carry out a concept which has a big following, or maybe just plain accepting donations from individuals that love the articles of yours.

Donations can help you raise considerable money. For instance, Amazon is ready to raise more than one 100 million bucks through charitable donations on their Amazon Smile program. By no means underestimate the strength of human kindness.

If you’ve decided to get donations, the following question is, how? Gladly, Paypal makes it extremely simple to implement donations on the site of yours.

Adding Paypal Donate Button Using WordPress Plugin

Paypal Donations Plugin
Paypal Donations Plugin

This is the simplest method for those who aren’t aware of web development. All you have to do is to install a plugin, and you are good to go with the settings.

You know how to add a new plugin, Don’t you? There are two methods, either you download the Plugin and install manually, or add from the WordPress Plugins menu. So, if you want to add the Plugin manually, download the Paypal donate button plugin. Now go to Plugin> Add New and upload the Plugin you just downloaded.

Once you have downloaded the Plugin, you can see the following menu.

PayPal Donations Settings
PayPal Donations Settings

Now you have to add your Paypal email in the box. You can also customize the payment page style from your Paypal account. In the return page, you can add the URL where you want your user to come back after the donation.

You can also create a Thank you page and enter it in the return page. You can also enter a fixed amount for the donation so that whenever the person will click on the Paypal Donate button, they will be redirected towards the Paypal page with a fixed amount.

PayPal Donations Button
PayPal Donations Button

Adding the Button on the Page

Now you have to add the Button to the desired place. You can do that using two methods. You can add a Paypal button either using Shortcode, or the Widget method. If you want to add the Button using the Shortcode, just put the Shortcode at any place you want it to be [paypal-donation].

If you want to add the Button using the widget method, you can do that by going into Appearances.

PayPal Donations Widget
PayPal Donations Widget

Adding PayPal Donation Button Manually

If you’re not a big fan of plugins, you can also add the Paypal donation button using some copy-pasting manual work. All you have to do is generate a new button from your PayPal account and then paste the code in your WordPress or the other website. So, let’s just get started.

  • First of all, get your hands on your Paypal account and login to your account.
  • Now get to the Paypal fundraising page, here all magic will happen.
  • Now click on the link in the image below.

    PayPal Donations Button
    PayPal Donations Button
  • And now you click on, Create Button.

    PayPal Donations Button
    PayPal Donations Button

Here are the directions that you have to follow:

  • On the next page, you have to fill the information about the PayPal button.
  • From the drop-down Button select Donations
PayPal Donations Button Style
PayPal Donations Button Style

Step three is optional, but there are :

  • Several characteristics you may wish to allow like: Let your client add a unique email or even thank you note for the business of yours.
  • Enable donors to eat their shipping details in case you would want to send them an actual gift.
  • Specify a redirect URL to post them to once they have finished the donation.

After completing all the procedures, you will get the code that you can place on your website.

PayPal Donations Button Code
PayPal Donations Button Code


For WordPress, you have to create a new page, and then you can add the code on the page as a free HTML code, as shown in the image below. That’s all. Here are some other items that you might want to know about the Paypal Donate button. Let’s take a look.

PayPal Donations Button Code on Page
PayPal Donations Button Code on Page


Why Use the PayPal Button for Donations?

First, PayPal is straightforward to implement. Whether you choose to use WordPress plugins or even to apply PayPal’s donate purpose, you need to be prepared to begin accepting donations on your website immediately. Secondly, Paypal accepts donations around the world, providing you with better reach.

Thirdly, the dynamics of donations usually means you would like to decrease the charges on them almost as possible. In case you’re creating PayPal donation buttons for any charity, you can get in touch with PayPal. This Is because PayPal offers discounted charges on transactions, meaning far more cash on the business.

Paypal Fees on Donations

There’s no cost for putting a donation button on the site of yours. Nevertheless, to process the transaction, PayPal is going to charge 1 dollar 1.30 plus 2.9 % of the entire transaction. The contributor of yours will not be charged again, as this portion is going to come outside of the donation amount.

With that dealt with, it is some time to teach you the way to put in a PayPal donation button to the site of yours.

How to Add a Beautiful Thank You Page?

It’s a practice that is great to redirect subscribers to a thank you page after they create a donation. It demonstrates gratitude, and the right way the webpage was created could receive the donor to provide today or even in the future.

Whether you use the PayPal donate function or maybe the plugin method, including the page is relatively simple.

In case you currently have a Thank You page, skip this particular place. To produce a webpage, look at the message you wish to communicate to the donor. In the examples of ours that much, we’ve illustrated by using donations to the Clean Water Project. Our thank you web page must have a secure email as well as a picture gallery that depicts clean water. We just grabbed free images from Pixabay and for this purpose.

To produce the webpage, visit Pages > Add New.

Sort in the topic of the site in the input box at the top. In the content material editor below, making their way into your thank you note as well as any picture you would like to wear. Click Preview to watch the webpage.


This guide is not only for WordPress, but using this simple guide; you can also add a Paypal donate button on any customized site or other CMS site. As you know, you can do almost anything in WordPress using the plugins, but plugins make the site slow. So we have added a manual method too in this guide. If you face any kind of hiccups using this guide, please let us know.

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