How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post?

You may have the intention to use the current page design for the future posts, for that you have to duplicate WordPress pages or posts. Well, we know that you want to do this to lessen the workload, but does the WordPress duplicate page process a bit of hassle? It is not.

You can duplicate WordPress pages with a single click. You also duplicate the WordPress pages manually.

Only one solution may be opening up the current post (for convenience, we are going to utilize “post” to relate to pages and posts here) in a single browser window or maybe tab, then create the brand new post of yours in an additional window and switch between the 2 of these, pasting and copying the content of yours.

All things considered, recent (post-Gutenberg) adaptations of WordPress do make it rather simple, with a “Copy all content” alternative offered to you. But in case you’ve to do it over and over, there is a threat of making mistakes.

Let’s say you inadvertently edit the initial article, overriding the content you by now posted to your website? Or perhaps in case, you have a substantial selection of posts to copy, and you lose track of which ones you have developed?

So, let’s get started.

Why Duplicate WordPress Page or Post?

WordPress duplicate pages or posts can help you in many ways. It depends on you how you use this feature. When working on a site redesign, you might wish to copy and paste the content of a current page to make tweaks.

While you can alter a page and copy/paste all its content into a brand new draft, not one of the various other components like featured images, page templates, SEO data, etc. would go over. That is when creating a duplicate page feature in WordPress is very convenient. Likewise, for posts, you might have to focus on older drafts and also publish articles on your WordPress web site.

You can only alter an article and also begin focusing on it. Nevertheless, this might not be an ideally suited situation in many instances. For instance, several different writers might be doing work on it, or maybe you might wish to have each draft.

Duplicate WordPress Page or Post using a Plugin (Easiest Way)

You can do almost all the tasks on WordPress using the plugins. The same goes for Duplicating WordPress Page or post. There are several plugins available in the WordPress library that you can use to duplicate WordPress pages or posts.

Using Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post
Duplicate Post

First of all, you have to download and install Duplicate post plugin on your website. Duplicate Post plugin is among the go-to choices for that goal. Apart from copying the content, you can also duplicate the comments, menu order, slug, and a lot more! Additionally, the plugin enables you to include a suffix or title prefix.

Therefore you will find out that only one is the first and which one is the message. To clone your WordPress posts or maybe pages using Duplicate Post, follow these necessary steps:

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard, then click on Pages -> All Pages (in case you would like to clone a page Post or) -> All Post (in case you are likely to clone a post).
  • Hover over the page or maybe post you wish to clone, and you are going to see two new options there – New Draft and Clone.
  • Duplicate Post plugin enables you to generate entirely new drafts or a duplicate of your pages and posts.
  • Click Clone to duplicate the selected post, or perhaps choose New Draft to develop a cloned variation of the selected post and open it in the content editor.

How to Duplicate WordPress Posts or Pages without any Plugin?

Well, this is also pretty easy. But you have to be a bit cautious in this method as this is manual.

This technique could be faster in case you simply have a single post to duplicate, as it saves you time adding a plugin. If you have a lot of posts to duplicate, I would really suggest skipping that section, although: you are going to find it much faster, never to point out much more precisely, to make use of a plugin.

Really for those that simply have to duplicate a single post or maybe page, here is how you can do it.

Begin by opening your existing page or perhaps post. Be sure you do not have a private block selected by clicking outside a block on the post of yours or even selecting the Document tab in the editing pane to the ideal of the display screen. If you have a block selected, WordPress will simply copy the contents of that block and not the whole paper.

Now click on the sign at the top right of the editing display (three dots arranged in addition to every other).

A menu will look. Towards the bottom part of this particular menu, you will see a text All Content option. Click on it, and you will have a message telling you your material has been copied. Now develop the brand new post of yours. Get the post of yours a title then press in the very first empty block that has been designed for you on the editing screen. Make use of the shortcut keys for pasting on the keyboard of yours (Ctrl + V on a PC, Cmd + V on a Mac, or perhaps select and right-click Paste in the shortcut menu that appears.

The contents of your older post will and now appear in the brand new post of yours. Magic! (OK, perhaps not.)

Today you can alter that content and make it distinct from the more mature post. This’s one thing I highly advise doing – generally, there is not much point in getting blog posts which are exact duplicates of one another on the website of yours. Not merely can it confuse visitors, though it is also harmful to SEO?

The best way to Duplicate Pages or Posts in Bulk

The plugins I have by now stated will make you duplicate posts one at a time. But imagine if you have to duplicate all of the articles on the web site of yours, or even most of the articles of custom post types? Or perhaps all of the articles you released this season?

The WP Bulk Post Duplicator plugin is going to let you do exactly that. Rather than including a link to duplicate specific posts, it provides you with a settings display that allows you to duplicate posts in Bulk based on the criteria you set.

As soon as you have installed the plugin, go to Settings > WP Bulk Post Duplicator to view the display of the adjustment for the plugin.

Begin by choosing the article types you wish to duplicate along with the content statuses. And so in case you decide to post and release, the plugin will duplicate all of your published posts. If instead, you choose to draft and posts, it’ll merely duplicate all your draft posts.


This is the solution for duplicating WordPress pages or posts. In this article, you can see two methods to duplicate the WordPress pages and posts. You can do it using plugins, or you can also do it manually.

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