How to Add Favorite Posts in WordPress (for Users)?

You should always engage the users in your content. For that, you can use different tactics. You can also allow users to add favorite posts. Let’s discuss in detail how you can enable this feature in WordPress.

Is this mandatory? Why should we use this?

We’re usually requested by the subscribers of ours about how you can reduce bounce rate as well as increase user engagement on their WordPress blogs. When the majority of beginners start up a WordPress website, they attempt to find a lot more reviews as a means to increase user engagement.

Nevertheless, many users on your website don’t leave comments. This can be quickly solved by adding different interactions that don’t require much effort. The subscribers of yours are going to be much more likely to click a button than composing a comment directly.

Adding post scores, like buttons, and contributing to your favorite button enables you to provide effortless interactions on the site of yours. Enabling people to include favorite articles helps registered users revisit their favored blog posts. It’ll also allow you to know what sort of articles users like on the site of yours.

You can and then present fresh customers what others like probably the most on the site of yours and get hold of them interested in your most favorited content. However, let’s see the best way to effortlessly allow users to add popular posts on the WordPress blog of yours.

Add Favorite Posts in WordPress using Plugin

WP Favorite Posts
WP Favorite Posts

You can simply allow your users to add favorite posts in WordPress by using a plugin. It is easy to use and implement.

Very first choice on the settings webpage is usually to enable the’ Add to favorite’ alternative for registered owners only. You have to abandon this unchecked in case you really want all visitors to find the’ Add to favorite’ button. Then, you have to decide where you can clearly show the’ add to favorites’ link. The Plugin can instantly show it before or perhaps after the article content. Experienced users also can select custom techniques and also work with

<?PHP wpfp_link()?>

template tag inside WordPress theme files.

WP Favorite Posts Options
WP Favorite Posts Options

Now you have to select the picture icon you wish to show next to the ‘Add to favorite’ link. The Plugin includes several images that you can use. You can also upload your own image or do not show some images at all.

After you can pick the number of posts, you’d like showing on your preferred posts page. The default choice is 20, and you can change that in case you want. Finally, you can allow or disable statistics. You are going to need to help keep it enabled whether you wish to show the majority of favorite articles in the sidebar widget.

Do not forget to click the ‘Update Options’ button to keep the settings of yours.


  • Unzip into your /wp content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Place the following in your single.php or sometimes page.php template file.
    <?php if (function_exists('wpfp_link')) wpfp_link();>;

    Then favorite this article link is going to appear in most articles.


In case you Don’t desire the favorite link to show up in each and every post/page, Don’t make use of the code above.

  • Simply key in [wpfp link] into the selected post/page subject material which is going to embed the print link into that post/page only.
  • Make a web page, e.g. The Favorites of yours as well as insert wp-favourite-posts text into the articles section.
  • This page is going to contain users’ favorite blog posts. That is it.

Displaying a User’s Favorite Posts in WordPress

This plugin stores popular posts for non-registered users in cookies. For registered owners, it will save their favorite articles on your WordPress website.

Here’s how you are able to show each user their popular posts on the site of yours.

Head over to Appearance » Widgets web page and also add ‘Users Favorite Posts’ widget to some sidebar.

WordPress Widget
WordPress Widget

You are able to choose the number of posts you wish to show within the widget. Do not forget to click the save button to keep your widget settings simple.

You are able to additionally display user’s preferred articles inside a WordPress blog post, web site, or maybe text widget with the [wp-favorite-posts]  shortcode. This Is very handy in case you wish to produce a separate page where subscribers are able to find all their favored posts.

Label Settings
Label Settings


With this simple plugin, you can add favorite posts in WordPress. It comes with several options that you can change according to the theme of your blog. Disclaimer: This Plugin has not been updated for a long time. Don’t forget to check this with your WordPress version before using it.

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