How to add a favicon to your WordPress – Simple Method?

Have you ever noticed the tiny image on the top of the browser tab? That is the Favicon of the site. As WordPress involves a lot of themes and plugins, adding Favicon to your WordPress blog can be tricky.

But in this guide, you will get to know how you can add the Favicon to your WordPress blog, efficiently and effectively.

Why are Favicons Important?

Developing a favicon is a tiny but step that is crucial to establishing a company site. It adds legitimacy to the website of yours and helps improve your online branding, also, to trust from possible consumers. They’re a quick visual marker for the site, which enables fast and easy identification for web users and unifies all of the different browser components into a properly branded browsing experience.

Are Favicons Great for SEO?

Favicons aren’t directly accountable for the Search Engine Optimization of yours. Nonetheless, they’re indirectly dependable and are a crucial tool for raising your ranking on online search engines. Below are a few samples of how getting a favicon can help your SEO:

User-Friendly Websites Result in Increased Use

Having a user-friendly site indirectly improves the search engine rankings of yours. Developing a favicon apparent on your browser tabs, bookmarks, history archives so on allows your end-users to save time by letting them recognize and browse the website of yours with no difficulties, thus boosting the chance of customer interaction with your site. This can enhance time invested and interactions with the website of yours, meaning that even more eyes will be in your site for longer, thus improving the SEO of yours.


A favicon offers an edge over sites that do not use one. The Chrome browser by Google deducts specific search ranking signals for sites bookmarked on the net. When you do not possess a favicon on the site of yours, then you might overlook the possibility to be bookmarked on the Chrome web browser, indirectly passing up on among many research ranking signals. Additionally, getting bookmarked then visually standing out there in that list of bookmarks on account of your Favicon throws the site of yours in a much better place to be revisited by users. All this increases your site visitors and SEO.

Branding and Visibility

A favicon is a visible representation of your company and site. Therefore consumers will find your product depending on the Favicon you make use of. SEO is about branding and marketing as well as the additional noticeable the website of yours is, the much more users are likely to check out your site and remember who you’re.

The way To Create Good Favicon

A lot of problems have to be looked at when developing and producing a favicon for the site of yours. While small and straightforward, it can (and should) have a considerable influence. You must make sure you create the very best Favicon possible, as this is what users will identify the brand of yours with. Allow me to share some things to remember when creating your Favicon.

Use the area wisely

A favicon sometimes cannot always just be a smaller version of the business logo of yours. The concern must be given to the general dimensions of your Favicon. You need to stick to 16px since this is appropriate by all browsers (though you can find various other examples below).


Though the Favicon is the visible experience of the product of yours, you need to maintain the layout of yours as easy as it can be. The most effective favicons are the easiest. Because of the tiny scale of the ease and also the Favicon of shapes used, colors are essential for getting the eye of prospective customers and standing out. Excessive information is only going to create the Favicon look cluttered & disorganized.

Brand name identity

Brand Name Identity
Brand Name Identity

Your Favicon is the visible icon for the brand of yours. Therefore it must visually tell users what your company represents. This shows them immediately what your brand is all about and what it does although this is tough to do with such a small and straightforward design, attempt to be inventive. Here are some examples:

How to add a favicon to your WordPress Blog?

I think, now you have a terrific favicon on your own, now it is time to add that Favicon to your WordPress Blog. You can add Favicon to your WordPress blog using the following method.

Adding Favicon using WordPress customizer

You can easily add Favicon to your WordPress site using a customizer. Here are the moves that you need to follow.

First of all, open the admin dashboard and navigate to the Appearance. And then click on Customise.

WordPress – Customize
WordPress – Customize

Now, in the next step, go to the Site identity.

WordPress – Site Identity
WordPress – Site Identity

Scroll down, and you can see the option for uploading Favicon, just upload the image that you have just created.

WordPress – Site Icon
WordPress – Site Icon

All done!

You can also add Favicon to your WordPress manually, but that does not matter, as that is applied for the WordPress version below that 4.3

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So, here is how you can add a favicon to your WordPress blog and why you need a favicon for better SEO of your WordPress site. Keep the Favicon small and precise.

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