Hello Bar Examples to Boost Conversations in Real-Time

Do you have an e-commerce store? Do you want to increase the conversion rate? Well, then this article is for you. Hello bar is the tool that will attract the visitors in a non-annoying way and increase the conversion rate. You can also use it if you are a regular blogger for getting subscribers or for selling your products like E-books.

But how to use the Hello bar?

Here are some Hello bar examples, choose the one that is according to your needs and use that for your Website.

If you have searched for Hello bar, you must know about the perks and functionality of Hello bar, if not, don’t worry. Let us tell you about the hello bar.

What is Hello Bar?

Hello Bars
Hello Bars

Hello bar is basically a plugin, that is on the most prominent part of your Website (depends on you where you put it). It actually alerts the visitor and asks him to subscribe for the blog or check out our sale page. The use of Hello bar has dramatically increased the conversion rate for most of the users.

Now the question is, why you want to use the Hello bar? Here are some hello bar examples for which it is used mostly

  • Redirecting traffic to another page.
  • Getting subscribers.
  • Showing the best deal to the visitor.
  • Encouraging to share the content on social media.
  • Sharing your social media presence.
  • Selling your product and services related to the content.

Everyone can use hello bar, no matter if you are a

  • Blogger
  • Marketer
  • Business owner or
  • Running your e-commerce site.

Why Hello bar?

Well, there are several tools like hello bar available out there, and you may have tried some of them. But how can you trust Hello bar for your business?

You have to because it has shown some real results to the top bloggers and authors. Look what they are saying about the Hello bar.

  • Neil Patel’s has reported that Hello bar has increased the conversion rate by 11% for his QuickSprout Website.
  • Chris Brogan used Hello bar for the promotion of its Kitchen table companies.
  • Tammy Camp, another famous CEO, has written in her blog about how the hello bar is useful for increasing the conversion rate.

Now let’s look at the last but most effective name of the list Timothy Ferriss, author of the New York best seller 4-hour workweek. He has used the hello bar to promote his new book on his Website.

After these hello bar examples, I hope you will be entirely convinced to use hello bar on your Website. And I guess, now you want to put hello bar on your Website. Right?

Hello Bar Examples

Here is a guide on how you can use the hello bar to maximize the outcome of any of your Website. First of all, visitors will not click on the hello bar, just for the sake that the hello bar attracted that person. You have to provide some value in exchange for their email address.

Give them your Ebook

Hello Bar - Tips
Hello Bar – Tips

If you are a blogger, you must have read many e-books by many famous bloggers. Now you as an experienced blogger can share your experience too. Just write an e-book about your blogging journey. Now on the hello bar, offer the e-book in return of the email of the visitor. In this way, you can pitch them later with your offers, and you can also drive indirect traffic to your blog. This is a great way to take users from your project to the other.

Create curiosity

1. Ask Question

The best way to create curiosity is to ask questions. And more precisely, ask questions about the thing your visitors are interested in. Because if they are interested in the question, they will try to answer that and they will click on the hello bar for that. Here is your chance to get their email address or take them to the content, you want to promote.

Here is an example, if your blog is about SEO. Make the options clicky and divert the visitors to your guide to get backlinks.

Ask Questions
Ask Questions

2. Provide Educational Material

This totally depends on the sort of blog you are running. You can provide a very critical type of information in exchange for their email address like you can give a free solution for a problem that is solved online only but not for free. Here is an example of the type of educational material you can provide if you are running a Health-related blog.

Educational Material
Educational Material

You can put multiple hello bars all over your Website but try not to annoy the visitor. Moreover, the material in the hello mar should be very similar or related to the page on which it is hanging around.

You can divert the visitors from one page to the other if you can read their mind that what they actually want. If somehow you win their trust, they will become your regular customer or reader.

3. Give Them Your Ingredients

People love shortcuts, and you can use this thing for promoting your content or branding. Just make an attractive line for hello bar and provide some real tricks and tips for what they are looking for. Here is an example:

Give Ingredients
Give Ingredients

But make sure that the content you are providing is Free and authentic. Otherwise, you will lose your visitors for free.

If you are providing something related to the blog, then there is a 75% chance that you will get a click on that.

Sales Page

This is indeed the best use of hello bar. You can increase the conversion rate up to 300% using the hello bar. Look at the image below, how eBay is using the hello bar alternative to show their sales page.

Sales Page
Sales Page

How will Hello bar increase sales?

Actually not hello bar, but the right diversion of the visitor will. When a visitor comes to your Website and looks for something, he may probably bounce back in the first 30 seconds if he fails to find that on the 1st page. Now the hello bar alert him that the thing you want is available in unbelievable price, he will probably click on this and congratulations you have won a sale!

Now Test Your Strategy

Being a blogger, you always know that there is such a difficulty in reading the mind of the people, and it is essential, too, to give them the content they want. Hello bar is your chance to test your strategy by pitching your visitors with a different type of content. And see what kind of content gets the most of the leads using the hello bar.

Hello bar WordPress Plugin

Fortunately, you can use the hello bar on your WordPress website. You just have to install the hello bar WordPress plugin, and you are good to go. Hello, the bar gives you the freedom to design your campaign or the ad absolutely matched with your site’s theme and logo.

First of all, you have to select the type of thing you want to generate using the hello bar.

Select Type
Select Type

Choose your goal with the hello bar. What are you going to do with it? Do you want to collect email, get phone calls, social traffic, or do you want to target a URL using hello bar?

For example, you want to target a URL and want to divert the visitor to that link. Click on that goal and then select the type.

Select Mode
Select Mode

How you want your hello bar to look like? A bar on top, A modal in the middle, slider over the screen, take the whole page and in a sort of alert are the options available. I personally like the slider, as it gets my attention every time, even on my site.

Now, after adding the content, you can customize the design according to the color scheme of your theme. Here you can also make it look like a call to action button or your ad campaign etc.

Change Design
Change Design

Installing Hello bar on WordPress

You just have to install the plugin on your WordPress website, and you are good to go. Go to the Plugin page on your WordPress website and search for Hello bar. Install the plugin and activate it.

Install Hello Bar Plugin
Install Hello Bar Plugin

Now in the main menu, you will get the options for Hello bar, where you can set up the hello bar according to our needs.

Hello Bar Pricing

With the pro plans, you get the most out of hello bar, like narrow targeting, dedicated support, and copyrights for the bar. Well, you can also use the targeting feature as a free user, but it is limited to device type targeting only, but with the premium, you can focus on the base of interest, enterprises, niches and much more. Following are the plans for hello bar premium account.

Hello Bar Plugin - Pricing
Hello Bar Plugin – Pricing

Your Turn Now

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Well, that is pretty much all about the hello bar, and how to increase your sales and subscriptions through it. No matter what sort of Website or business you are running, you will get the best campaign idea from this article. Now it’s your turn to apply the techniques using your creativity.

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