GeneratePress Theme – REVIEW (2019)

WordPress is the biggest free open-source content management system including features of a plugin architecture and a template system. It is generally used for blogging or other types of websites where various kind of content is used. Because of its user-friendly nature, this system is used globally ranging from sole proprietorships to corporate level businesses.

In WordPress, one of its features is “WordPress Theme”. A theme in a WordPress powered website is actually the templates and stylesheets combined to specify the overall appearance and display of the site. They can be managed to change based on the owner’s choice.
Since WordPress is one of the most used website management systems worldwide, there are more than 30,000+ themes available online from 200+ companies. Out of those almost 10,000 WordPress themes are free.  supports 5,000+ free WordPress themes that you can use for your website/blog.

With such a great variety of themes available online, just one click away from you, let us tell you about one of the most utilized and performance-enhancing the usability of your website/blog, “GeneratePress”. The theme has been around WordPress for almost 5 years now and is still one of the best WordPress themes out there which are stable and can support any website project.

When it comes to ratings of this theme, it is top rated with 100,000+ active installations worldwide. With its 5 star review, the depiction of its reliability speaks for itself.

GeneratePress rating at
GeneratePress rating at

Tom Usborne is the creator of “GeneratePress” and with his more than 10 years of experience in WordPress, he developed this theme which is light and stable, it stands out from other themes available online because of its focus on speed and usability. It is a fast-loading multipurpose WordPress theme.

With its freedom for customization, one can modify their website in accordance with their required needs. It offers a lot of features and performance-enhancing practices where you can excel by customizing them for your website from head to toe. GeneratePress WordPress theme uses the WordPress customizer to help you customize and so that you can see the changes made in real time. Here’s a quick official overview video also of GeneratePress Theme.

GeneratePress Theme Key Features:

Here’s a detailed WordPress GeneratePress Theme – REVIEW about its performance and features. Following are the discussion points that we are going to highlight:

  1. Colors & Typography
  2. Layout Control
  3. Page Builder Friendly
  4. Plugin Compatible
  5. Hooks & Filters
  6. Translation and RTL
  7. Performance Focused Discussion
  8. Statistics
  9. Pricing
  10. Site Library (A Premium Feature)
  11. GeneratePress Support

1. Colors & Typography

With a vast variety of colors this theme offers, one can easily choose the colors they demand keeping in mind their targetted audience. It does not let you go anywhere to find new and upbeat colors as it is updated on a regular basis and keeps in touch with the trends. In the premium add-ons, it offers over more than 60 colors.

Generate Press Color Setting
Generate Press Color Setting

The availability of a huge number of fonts in styles, size, and arrangement, it stands out from other available themes online. The Typography it offers comes in all shapes and sizes to help you make your content more legible, readable, understandable and appealing for your audience. Like the colors, in premium add-ons, it offers over 70 typography options so you can take control of what goes on your site.

Generate Press Typography Setting
Generate Press Typography Setting

The GeneratePress WordPress theme is familiar with the visual cues for all kinds of audiences and is equipped with a great scale of user-friendly colors and typography variations.

2. Layout Control

It offers a good amount of control over your website’s layout on both desktop and mobile. No matter what kind of website you are creating using WordPress, it can be a blog, mailing lists, and forums, media galleries or an online store, etc. You can customize your website from the minute details that no one notices to the major front-end layouts.

You can create Sections for building pages full of uniqueness and that describes your business. You can do padding, add margins, sidebar layouts with a variety of transitional features. Add the menu bar or a slide-out menu bar, whatever or however you want your website to function.

Headers and Footers can be styled in all the possibilities there are to imagine. You can add and set widgets in the footer also. Move the header or header image as you like. You can display your header image whether on full screen or by their offered feature of a parallax view and many others.

Generate Press Layout Setting
Generate Press Layout Setting

The Spacing feature allows you to take complete control when it comes to setting the space between the headers, content, images, establishing the width of items, etc.

Set the alignment of your Blog Posts for featured images or metadata, etc. Organize them in columns or masonry. In other themes, you need to add a custom CSS to use smaller featured images but in GeneratePress WordPress theme everything is accessible just a few clicks away.

Generate Press Blog Layout
Generate Press Blog Layout

You can also alternate or even set a new Background Image with zoom in/zoom out option where you can also crop the image size.

It offers Copyright addition also, so you can write a message or a description for your work to avoid copyright infringement.

Its Navigation gives you options such as sticky menus. The primary navigation is free but you can also add the secondary navigation with all the primary feature in the premium add-ons.

The Disabling of elements is also included, so you can easily disable any make-up you have done on your website.

Generate Press Container Layout
Generate Press Container Layout

GeneratePress allows you to run your website how you imagine it doing so. Once you start using, you will explore a number of layout features which will allow you to control all the layout settings on your WordPress website page.

3. Page Builder Friendly

Most of the website owners have a favorite page builder. This is the reason they are always looking for a theme that supports their page builder. WordPress GeneratePress works great with all kinds of page builders. It allows your page builder to take control by utilizing their per page layout controls.

Two of the most used page builders Elementor page builder, and Beaver Builder are a great combination with GeneratePress theme. It opens new opportunities for customization also.

It enables you to edit pages in between your header and footer on your WordPress site. It easily handles the flexible drag and drop page builders on the frontend of your WordPress website.

Generate Press & Page Builder Compatibilty
Generate Press & Page Builder Compatibility

When it comes to GeneratePress WordPress theme, it gives you the controls to stabilize your website page and take full control of it. Having a list of extensive features, you can mold your website page in any way you desire.

4. Plugin Compatible

As the creator of this theme has more than 10 years of experience with WordPress, the team at GeneratePress is familiar with the standard coding of WordPress. They developed GeneratePress theme in such a manner that all the popular plugins (both old & new) are compatible and fits well with it.

Famous plugins like Yoast SEO, EDD, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, WPML, etc are supported by it.

GeneratePress WooCommerce, GeneratePress theme supports WooCommerce fully. This open-source e-commerce plugin by WordPress is completely handled by this theme because of its simplicity to customize and install. So, if you are a merchant of a small business or a large organization, this theme will not only support WooCommerce but will also let you do custom settings according to your business. Combining with the other features of WordPress GeneratePress theme, your work will flourish because of such a vast variety of changes that you can apply.

GeneratePress also provides a premium plugin, that adds more options when it comes to your website building. In their GP Premium, they offer the Premium modules where you get access to demo website for a headstart. Majority of the WordPress GeneratePress users have the premium plugin subscription as it is irresistible. They offer updates & support with it.

5. Hooks & Filters

When it comes to extending out something that does not possess any extension option, then GeneratePress WordPress theme comes into play and offers a filter for that. With their extensive lists of filters and hooks, there is no limit to what you can do with it.

You can also add new options to your Dashboard which will allow you to add in your own custom content throughout various areas in the theme. You can add your own code to your WordPress default code by using the filters that GeneratePress offers. These filters will allow you to get back your data or modify your WordPress data before it is sent to your database or your browser.

The Hook add-on allows you to add custom code/PHP anywhere throughout your WordPress site and even by updating your GeneratePress theme, you will not lose one single customization that you might have done.

GeneratePress Child Theme, you can create a child theme using GeneratePress that will inherit all the features, functionality and styles of its parent theme. Even when you start using WordPress GeneratePress theme, you can start by a child theme so that your original features do not get altered. Click here to know how to use GeneratePress Child Theme. On the other hand, when you’ll use GeneratePress theme, you may no longer need a child theme scenario.

6. Translation & RTL

As this is a globally used theme, it is translated in over 20 languages. This is a witness to their successful WordPress theme used all over the planet. So, it does not matter what region you belong to, it definitely will cover the language of your targetted audience for your business.

When it comes to Register Transfer Language (RTL), GeneratePress fully supports it also. Its usability will allow you to describe data flow at the register-transfer level of architecture with ease.

7. Performance Focused Discussion

With its great performance overall covering the speed aspects, stability aspects and usability aspects of WordPress, it greatly enhances the performance of your WordPress website. Based on the GeneratePress WordPress theme’s life from the day it was released to today, it has been used, reviewed and it has developed its place in the market as one of the most trusting themes out there. Following are the Performance focused major points of this theme:

  • Stable and Secure: The backbone of any theme is the coding done for it. Based on the coding that GeneratePress theme holds, it is one of the best stability wise and security wise themes. Used by the WordPress community worldwide, the feedback received speaks for itself.
  • 30KB Space: When you install GeneratePress theme on your WordPress site, it only occupies 30kb of space. A very lightweight theme with limitless features for building your website.
  • Speedy Running: As it has a very small footprint and a very stable and secure code, it makes sure that your website runs smoothly with efficient speed. They developed it in such a way that one of the most important aspects of your website i.e speed gets a proper boost.
  • Independent: To avoid render blocking issues, they made it independent by not allowing to load things that are not needed. That includes jQuery, which they ditched for clean, vanilla javascript.
  • SEO: It has a built-in that produces better results in SERP’s, validated HTML’s and their great fast loading times combined gives your WordPress website a running start in the search engines before even you have added content to your creation.
  • Accessibility: One of the very crucial things for a website is that it should be accessibility-ready. They followed WCAG 2.0 standards when they created GeneratePress theme so that no one is left out when browsing for your website.
  • Speed: The speed of the website nowadays is very crucial and Google ranks your site much higher if it is fast and more accessible than your competitors out there. They have minimized the scripts and styles by removing the unnecessary bulk to make it faster. The load time is also at a very speedy pace. Using GeneratePress will definitely bring your WordPress website to “A” performance grade. As it has a very small footprint and a very stable and secure code, it makes sure that your website runs smoothly with efficient speed. They developed it in such a way that one of the most important aspects of your website i.e speed gets a proper boost.

Because of its modular design, one would imagine that it will generate big files, but that’s not the case with GeneratePress. The size is kept small irrespective to the number of files it loads as it used HTTP/2.

8. Statistics

  • Downloads: 1,918,493+ 5
  • Stars: 700+
  • Active Installations: 100,000+

9. Pricing

The GeneratePress theme is completely free. The premium version is actually the addition of 14 add-ons which will cost you $49.95 with one year support and updates. They are compatible with all the websites you may have. When you renew it you get a 40% renewal discount also.

Generate Press Pricing
Generate Press Pricing

The Premium version of GeneratePress Theme will give you access to the following new/upgraded 14 modules developed just to save your time:

  1. Site Library
  2. Colors
  3. Typography
  4. Elements
  5. WooCommerce
  6. Menu Plus
  7. Spacing
  8. Blog
  9. Secondary Navigation
  10. Backgrounds
  11. Sections
  12. Disable Elements
  13. Copyrights
  14. Import/Export
Generate Press Premium
Generate Press Premium

They also give you access to their entire site library where you will gain access to importable sites as well.

Site Library (A Premium Feature)

The Site Library by GeneratePress offers the user to kickstart their next project with a lot of demo sites that they developed. In the Site Library, you will see the layouts of many top class websites working online. This will help you in relieving the worries of starting a website from scratch, you can just use a demo website from GeneratePress Site Library and customize it as you go along with it. These sites include GeneratePress options and demo content. It is recommended by GeneratePress that the demo content should only be imported by a website that is fresh, other websites that are already running should only import the GeneratePress options.

They have classified their Site Library in two portions. One is without Page Builder where you can leave your site as it is or you can add your favorite Page Builder if needed. The other section includes those demo sites that are with Page Builders but, they use the pro versions of Page Builders which are sold separately. Following is a video demonstration, it is done by GeneratePress on their site Library:

GeneratePress Support

GeneratePress provides support to both their free and premium users. When you subscribe to their premium version you will get 1 year of updates and support. This will include:

  1. New Modules
  2. Improvements
  3. World-Class Support (Includes the following support at a personal level)

The free support for all the GeneratePress users are as below:

1. Documentation: It includes articles about every aspect of GeneratePress Theme that the user might want to educate themselves about. These support documents generated by GeneratePress has been divided into four sections:

  • General Documents
  • Customization Documents
  • Modules Documents
  • Developers Documents

2. Contact: On their contact page they provide support to users ranging from GeneratePress users to non-users.

  • They will help you with all your queries before you start using this theme.
  • They will make sure to remove any issue that you might be facing regarding your account.
  • Any support needed on a personal level will also be provided by filling out their contact form.

3. Support Forum: In their support forum they have listed all the topics about information and issues that the users are facing. They have a search bar there, just add a keyword about your query and you will most probably find it. You can also create a new topic if you don’t find what you are looking for. Hopefully! Because of their amazing support, it will get resolved quickly.

4. Optimization Tips: In this section of support, you can study how you can make your WordPress website more fast and accessible using GeneratePress Theme.

5. Changelogs: Here you can go and learn about the changes/updates that they had done in their latest releases of GeneratePress.

6. Legal: View the legal details of GeneratePress. Their Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate Terms are listed there.

7. Donate: You can support their ongoing development by donating to GeneratePress here. When they provide that much of great support to you, why not support making GeneratePress greater?

Let’s Say!

If you are a beginner or a professional website owner, WordPress GeneratePress Theme is one of the best themes that a WordPress website could have and WordPress website user could use. With it’s extensive and easy to use “on click away” features, it enhances the already nominal performance of your site. This lightweight theme gives a push start to your website and brings evolution at light speed to your already existing website.

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Stop spending hours and hours in customizing your website using themes that require so many work input. Start using GeneratePress as it will not only save your precious time but will also show the results you have always been looking for.


We hope this article ( GeneratePress Theme – REVIEW ) was helpful to you. Please do let us know us in the comment section below if you have any stories or questions regarding WordPress themes/GeneratePress you want to share with us.

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