503 Backend Error

How to fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed?

Do you see an Error 503 backend fetch failed? The issue with the 503 mistakes is it provides absolutely no clues about what is causing it, and this tends to make it incredibly frustrating for beginners. In this post, we are going to show you the way to resolve the 503 services unavailable error in WordPress.

What Causes Error 503 backend fetch failed in WordPress?

All WordPress hosting companies provide a fixed level of sources for every hosting account. For sites on shared hosting, this particular limit can’t handle significant use of server resources.

503 Backend Error
503 Backend Error

The Error 503 backend fetch failed occurs when the web server of yours is not able to have a good effect from a PHP script. This PHP software might be a WordPress plugin, a design, or maybe a misbehaving custom code snippet. If the mistake is created by severe use, a server glitch, or maybe a DDoS attack, and then it might instantly vanish in a couple of minutes.

Nevertheless, in case it’s created by lousy code on the site, then it’ll keep occurring unless you discover and disable the code that is causing it.

That said, we need to check out ways to fix Error 503 backend fetch failed in WordPress effortlessly.

Fixing Error 503 backend fetch failed in WordPress

As we pointed out above that this particular mistake is brought on when the webserver of yours is not able to have a good effect from a PHP software.

To address it, we are going to disable almost all unneeded PHP scripts one by one until the mistake is fixed. Let us get going.

Deactivate All WordPress Plugins

All of your WordPress plugins are PHP scripts, so first, you have to deactivate all of your WordPress plugins. Because you can’t log in into your WordPress dashboard as a result of the 503 error, you are going to need to hook up to your site with an FTP client or maybe File Manager in cPanel. When attached, go to /wp-content/ folder and rename the plugins folder to plugins old.

Deactivate WordPress Plugins - 503 Backend Error
Deactivate WordPress Plugins – 503 Backend Error

Then, you need to make a brand new name and folder it plugins. Now you have to go to your WordPress website to determine if this particular resolved the error. If it did, and then what this means is a plugin installed in your site, was leading to the error.

The measures mentioned above have deactivated all WordPress plugins. To determine which plugin was leading to the problem, you have to transition again to your FTP client or maybe file manager in cPanel. Then, you have to visit /wp-content/ folder and delete the empty plugins folder.

Download Backup - 503 Backend Error
Download Backup – 503 Backend Error

After that, you have to rename the plugin’s old folder to plugins. This makes your previously installed plugins readily available to WordPress. Nevertheless, these plugins will be deactivated.

You have to check out the WordPress admin area then visit the plugins page. You can activate your plugins one by a single as well as check various web pages on your site after activating every plugin. Carry on doing that until you locate the plugin leading to the 503 error.

If this phase-resolved the problem for you, then you do not have to follow the majority of the directions on this web page. Or else, you can start working on the next step.

Switch to some Default WordPress Theme

If deactivating plugins did not solve the problem, and then the following step will be switching to a default WordPress theme. This can deactivate your present WordPress theme.

To start, you have to hook up to your WordPress website with an FTP client or maybe File Manager in cPanel. When connected, go to /wp-content/themes/ folder.

Locate your presently active WordPress theme and also download it to the pc of yours as a backup. After downloading the theme of yours, you can go on and delete it from the website of yours.

However, in case you currently have a default theme like 2017 or even 2016 installed, then it is going to be instantly activated. When you do not, and then you can go on and install a default design on the site of yours.

Thoroughly check the site of yours to ensure that Error 503 backend fetch failed are fixed.


If both methods neglect to resolve the error, and then you can take the following steps:

  • Contact your WordPress hosting business since they might be ready to pinpoint what is leading to the problem.
  • As a last resort, you can reinstall WordPress with a new message.
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We hope this short article helped you discover how you can correct 503 service unavailable errors in WordPress. You might also want to discover our best list of the most popular WordPress errors and how you can fix them.

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