How to fix ‘err_ssl_protocol_error’ on Google Chrome?

I guess Google chrome is your favorite Browser. That is fantastic! Nearly all other online users are thrilled with its smooth user interface. Nevertheless, at times you might’ve run into an SSL security error. Can this website not supply a protected relationship? ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when browsing SSL secure sites on Google Chrome web browser.


Today, usually this particular error disappears itself if you refresh the site, but often it is packaged again and again. In case you’re encountering such sort of warnings, below we are explaining different solutions to solve ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

1. Check the Date of The System of Yours

The Date is probably the most frequent reason for SSL errors. When the day of your personal computer isn’t in sync with the Date on the server that you are attempting to get into, you will experience the issue of ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in your Chrome browser. The right way to solve this simple? Alter the day of your method to present-day after which try opening the website. You will not face some problems.

2. Clear Browsing Data

Sometimes browsing information might also are available in the way of the online surfing experience of yours, therefore providing you with that nasty SSL error over and over. If the day on a personal computer is correct, stick to the actions provided below to delete browsing information from your Chrome browser:

  • Launch Chrome;
  • Press Ctrl Shift Delete;
  • Make sure that the time range is established to All-Time;
  • Look at the checkbox for Other site data and cookies
  • Look at the checkbox for Cached files, and images
  • Hit Clear Data

Wait for doing it to finish, and when it’s been completed, try loading the site once again in the internet browser of yours. There is an outstanding possibility that it is going to open all right.

3. Clear Your SSL State

In case your issue persists, the next issue you ought to try out is clearing the SSL state of the pc of yours. Comply with the actions provided below to do that:

Clear SSL State - SSL Protocol Error
Clear SSL State – SSL Protocol Error
  • Just click on the three dots showing alongside the address bar in Chrome, directly below the close button of the internet browser.
  • Click Settings and go right down to Advanced Click the switch to develop advanced settings;
  • Right now scroll down to Open Proxy Settings option under System area and click on it;
  • A window called Internet Properties will open.
  • Go to the Content tab in that window and click Clear SSL State
  • Now try opening the site once again in Chrome.

4. Disable QUIC Protocol of Chrome

Still no success? Fine, then try disabling the QUIC Protocol of Google Chrome web browser. Comply with the actions provided below to do that:

  • Paste chrome://flags/#enable-quick in the address bar of your respective Chrome browser as well as hit Enter;
  • Under Experimental QUIC Protocol choice, you will find it is set to Default.
Disable QUIC Protocol - SSL Protocol Error
Disable QUIC Protocol – SSL Protocol Error

Now relaunch Chrome and consider opening the site once again.

5. Test Antivirus Settings

Sometimes your antivirus can also be the reason behind an SSL error. All modern antivirus programs browse the sites for malicious elements along with other security threats, which also involves checking the SSL/TLS edition of a website. In case a site is utilizing an outdated model of SSL, the antivirus blocks it as well as does not permit us to go to it. In this particular situation, the issue could be fixed by disabling the antivirus temporarily. Turn off your antivirus for some time and see if you can open the generating error site or not.

6. Check The Firewall of Yours

In case a site occurs within the blocklist of your respective Internet Firewall, Chrome will certainly not have the ability to start it. Check the Firewall of yours to make sure that the site you are attempting to visit isn’t contained in its blocklist. In case you think it is there, eliminates it and try out loading the site once again.

7. Disable Extensions

Extensions assist in enhancing the performance of Chrome significantly, but often they too spoil the web experience by creating unneeded errors. Disable your Chrome extensions one by one and start the error producing site over and over while you accomplish that. In case you discover some extension being the reason, remove it.

8. Adjust The Internet Security of yours and Privacy Level

In case everything stated above fails to perform as expected, the last point that you need to use is checking the amount of the Internet Security of yours and Privacy since a security amount too much might additionally be blocking the access of yours to specific sites. Comply with the steps provided below:

Adjust Internet Security - SSL Protocol Error
Adjust Internet Security – SSL Protocol Error
  • Type Internet Options in the search bar of the computer of yours and hit Enter;
  • The Internet Properties dialogue box will open.
  • Inside it navigate to the Security tab and consider the slider provided there.
  • If that slider is pretty at the top of the scale, carry it in the center (to Medium level) and simply click OK.
  • Now try opening the site that you are attempting to open.

Out of the above-given methods, a minimum of 1 will fix the problem of yours of ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Google Chrome. Try out all of them until you find the solution of yours.

9. Check Date and Time

Check Date and Time - SSL Protocol Error
Check Date and Time – SSL Protocol Error

Look at the System Time and Date If the SSL certification is legitimate and clearing SSL state does not work, and then it is some time to consider your neighborhood pc to determine the cause of your respective ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

(Suggested reading: in case you are utilizing legacy TLS designs, you may wish to stop ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION Notifications in Chrome).

For starters, determine whether the os time plus Date are adequately set; otherwise, your SSL certificate might have issues being authenticated.

This’s since SSL certificates have a fixed expiry date and also, in case your present system time and day are not correct, then it might clash with the authentication procedure.

A valid date and time are assumed when a safe connection is created, which is why you must make sure the appropriate value is retrieved from the neighborhood system of yours.

To examine time and day in Windows ten, press the Windows Key X keys and select System out of the popup context menu. This will likely provide up the Settings window.

In the Find a setting text box, begin typing “time” and select Change the day & period from the dropdown options. Next, in the Date and time options window check out enough time and Date are correct.

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So, these were the quick solutions for the err_ssl_protocol_error. We hope you will get rid of this error using the solutions above. If you need any further assistance, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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