Divi Theme Review (2019)

Divi is a theme developed by Elegant Themes, which is proving to be immensely popular due to its great design and extensive range of features. The availability of all the necessary tools to develop websites makes the Divi stand out.

In comparison with the other WordPress themes, Divi has gained a high reputation due to its flexibility, security, and user-friendliness. It is all in one package to build a full-fledged website. It is laced up with almost 900+ website designs, making it a popular tool among developers with less technical knowledge, as it doesn’t need any particular technical expertise for development purposes. Maybe this is the reason that Divi has almost 0.5 million users throughout the world. In this article, we will look into a complete review of Divi while discussing:

Divi Theme

Divi Theme
Divi Theme

According to some WordPress developers of the modern era,

“ Divi is a strange theme ”

After subscribing to Elegant theme membership, you will get two packages of Divi, one is the Divi theme and another one is Divi builder (Plugin).

Divi theme is a multi-purpose theme. You can develop a website of any genre with Divi, let it be a blog, a portfolio website or a website for your institute. Another feature of Divi is that it supports woocommerce so you can also develop an online store using Divi.

Divi Page Builder

The main reason for Divi’s popularity is the Divi Page Builder. All themes from Elegant theme come with this page builder. Divi builder can also be used along with other themes if you require it to be in that way.

Divi Page Builder was introduced with the idea of making development easier for non-technical masses. With the help of Divi builder, you can design or redesign your website through a very easy to use drag and drop interface. It helps you do inline text editing without having any concern with the back end code. This feature is much suitable for DIY websites.

At this time, you may be thinking that it is meant to be for drag and drop only but Divi can be equally good for the developers who know how to mess up with code. If you want to add your custom CSS anywhere on the page you just have to add your CSS in the element’s CSS tab and it will override the actual CSS in your theme.


Divi comes up with a number of features. All of these features are of great use. These features make Divi’s pricing very much justified. In the article, we will look at the main features of Divi.

Pre-Built Templates

Divi Page Builder comes with a number of ready to use templates. You can just import the demo and start editing the content according to your requirements. There are almost 900+ page layouts along with 100+ website designs.

Divi Pre Built Templates
Divi Pre Built Templates

You can always choose one of them and customize them according to your requirements. Divi keeps updating and adding more templates in the library frequently. So that users have many options to choose from.

Divi Builder Modules

Divi supports drag and drop to make development easy. To achieve this goal Divi has made 46 modules also referred to as elements some times. These modules help you to create pages without any kind of coding.

These modules are a vital part of Divi builder providing you the drag and drop facility. You just need to drag a module and drop that at the space you want it to show. Content modules include accordion, portfolio, slider, button, gallery, call to actions, search and many more.

Divi Modules
Divi Modules

These modules are highly customizable with all the necessary options you want. You can choose the colors, text, sizing, image, borders, and more. This functionality gives you complete control over your theme and how you want your page to look.


Insert a Module
Insert a Module

Live Preview Customizer

While working with Divi, customization becomes easy and fast as it allows live preview. You can see the changes you made on the same screen. In WordPress, while using default editor you have to click on Visit Page to see the changes making the process slow. But with Divi’s live customizer you can see what your website will look like even before saving the page making the process much easier and faster.

Divi Live Customizer
Divi Live Customizer

Divi gives you options for customizing your website with the default editor or visual editor. You can choose one of these to achieve the end goal. You may also choose both of these to make your website look exactly as you want it to be if you are comfortable with it.

Global Modules

With all the features like drag and drop, customization, live previews and etc, the one feature every WordPress developer wants in a page builder is to have a module library system. Fortunately, Divi Builder has this feature making it a one of the desirable page builder in WordPress development. Along with the flexibility, the Divi library feature allows you the reusability of a module.

Let’s consider a scenario in which you want to have a call to action module not on just one page but more than two pages. And you want them to be exactly the same on every page. What will you do?

For this situation, we will use the Divi library. With this feature, you can customize a module according to your requirements, save it, and reuse it when required.

Divi Module Library
Divi Module Library

Divi Library gives you another option to import or export a module. If you want to use the same module on one of your other website with Divi, you can export that module and import on the other website. You can use one module as many times as you would like it to.

Woocommerce Compatibility

Woocommerce is one of the most used plugins for online stores. Divi is completely compatible with woocommerce. With the woocommerce plugin and Divi layout, you can easily build an online store in no time. Divi store layouts come with all important pages you need for a woocommerce store.

Multi-language Support

Divi supports 32 languages with RTL. Translations can be both at the back end and front end. Divi also supports WPML, which makes you able to create a multilingual website with the same theme.

Ease of use

It will totally be unjust to Divi for not talking about its user-friendliness. It is an all in one package for the implementation of new ideas. Its drag and drop functionality and live customization make it easy to use even for a DIY website. You can develop a website in a very short time proving its ease of use level.

Users who come up with the reviews about Divi, they often appreciate the user-friendliness of Divi theme builder.

Pros and Cons of Divi

No matter what you develop, everything comes with its pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of Divi.

  • Live front end customization
  • Pre-built templates
  • Inline text editing
  • Global modules
  • Responsive editing 45+ elements
  • No theme Building
  • No custom header or footer
  • Lacks modern features
  • Shortcodes cause problems
  • Gets slow with the increase in page size
  • A lot of options can be overwhelming


Divi’s pricing structure is very different from other themes on the WordPress repository. Most of the themes come with both free and premium versions. Free versions often contain some very basic features but all the advanced features are supported only by Premium versions.

Divi Pricing
Divi Pricing

Divi does not have a free version. It is available in two versions one being the yearly access plan and the other is lifetime access. Yearly plan costs you around $89 per year and lifetime access plan cost you $249 for a lifetime. Both plans have the same features, giving you access to all the themes, plugins, updates, premium support and risk-free guarantee.


When discussing a WordPress theme or Plugin, one point that keeps popping up in our minds is the security of that theme or plugin. Any kind of vulnerability in the theme’s code can risk your website.

The code of the Divi theme is audited by Sucuri, which is one of the leading web security companies in the world. After the complete audit of Divi code, Sucuri has awarded Divi the badge of the safe theme.

Sucuri Safe Badge Award
Sucuri Safe Badge Award

“ It is the opinion of the review team that this theme was developed extremely well and as such, the Divi Theme is deserving of the Safe Theme seal. No significant issues were identified during the vulnerability assessment. No issues were identified in the code audit. ” – Sucuri Team


Once you subscribe to any of Divi’s packages, you get complete access to their documentation, premium support, and forum. Here is what Elegant theme claims about there support:

“We take support seriously and we take a lot of pride in the level of support we provide to our customers. Our Team is available round the clock and our innovative Divi support center makes it easy to interface with our team to get to the bottom of the issue”.

The support team is very well trained and are always available for your help regarding the theme questions.

Divi Support reviews
Divi Support reviews

Along with the support channels, Divi also has extensive documentation which is very well composed as well as active groups on social media.

Final Words:

WP inCare has used Divi for one of their websites. It has some rich features like drag and drop and live customization making it easy to use. We highly recommend using Divi even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. A bundle of elements can become overwhelming for some developers. The free pre-built templates add a great plus for the developers who are in favor of Divi.

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If you want us to develop your website using Divi Builder. Contact us today. We will be more than happy to serve you.

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