How to Create a WordPress Sales Funnel using Elementor & Cartflows

There is a great chance that not every visitor will buy some products from the website, instead, your website should be compelling enough to capture the visitor’s attention toward placing an order. For this owner of the website should make offers to visitors which are difficult to reject. In this article, we will try to explain Sales Funnel, and how can we make a sales funnel using Elementor and Cartflows.

  1. What is a Sales Funnel?
  2. Importance of Sales Funnel
  3. What is Cartflows?
  4. Features
  5. Pricing
  6. Build a Sales funnel using Elementor & Cartflows

1. What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is one of the core concepts in modern digital marketing techniques. it is defined as the path taken by the website visitor to buy a product or a service from your website. The steps you take to compel the visitor are often described as sales funnel.

Ryan Deiss, co-founder of Digital Marketer defines a sales funnel as

“ A multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browsers into buyers. ”

These steps are described as:

  • Awareness: The prospect becomes aware of the availability of a solution to his problem.
  • Interest: Prospect shows interest by searching for the product.
  • Decision: At this stage, the prospect is ready to buy the product.
  • Action: Final stage, where the prospect finally purchases the item.

2. Importance a Sales Funnel for your Website?

In order to understand the importance of sales funnels for your website, let’s assume a scenario where you are selling some digital products. You are well aware of your target audience and you know that they are quite active on social media.

You run an ad on social media to drive traffic to your landing page. On this page, you have already set up a subscription form, which prompts prospects to sign up for your newsletter. Once they sign up, they become a lead rather than a prospect. At this point, the prospect is already into your sales funnel. BRAVO! You are doing great.

After some time, you send the prospect an email, marketing your product. In email content, you describe your product’s attributes and the procedure through which the product can be bought. At the very end of your email, you offer a coupon of 20% on first order. Congratulations! You just hit the right cord. Everyone will think of buying at least once.

Till now you have done:

  • Awareness: By creating ads on social media, you targeted the right audience to make them aware of your digital products.
  • Interest: By subscribing to your newsletter, the prospect has already shown an interest in your products:
  • Decision: Your content helps the audience in making a decision.
  • Action: Your coupon has something, which is hard to resist from the prospects.

You can market them again to make them your loyal customers.

Now let’s build a WordPress sales funnel using Cartflows and Elementor. But first, we should know about Cartflows and its features.

3. What is Cartflows?

Cartflows is very useful and easy to use WordPress sales funnel plugin. Its integration with the Woocommerce is as flawless as it could be. It allows website owners to build a smooth checkout process with Woocommece, maximizing the profit from a potential customer by offering order bumps, upsells and downsells.

Cartflows can impressively improve the conversion rate of your website and enhance the customer’s experience.

4. Key Features of Cartflows:

If you are WordPress and Woocommerce for membership website then there is no better option than Cartflows for smooth and customizable checkout. Which eventually increase the conversion rate of your website.

The main reason why cartflows is highly rated by the developers is that it allows you to design the checkout page of your website with page builders like Elementor, Divi, and others.

Here are the key features of cartflows:

  • Ready to use Templates
  • Order Bump
  • SmoothCheckout
  • Unlimited Upsells/Downsells

4.1. Ready to use Templates

Cartflows gives you the opportunity to use pre-built templates with the help of just one click. You have the option of choosing your template from a wide range as well as you can create your own flow. Cartflows is constantly working on new templates and different page builder. Currently, it supports:

  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Divi Builder
  • Beaver Builder
  • Thrive Architect

4.2. Order Bump

Using order bump technique helps you gain more profit from a single order. An order bump is used to offer the customer an addon at the checkout page. It is a smart technique as it converts 10%- 30% times. An order bump is often useful for the websites that are selling online training programs or courses. You can always offer an extra course to the customer at the checkout page, which may prove beneficial for sales.

4.3. Smooth Checkout

Cartflows allows you to customize your checkout form. By customizing checkout page, you can convert complex default woocommerce checkout process into a smooth checkout process with all the designing according to the theme of your website, which can be a difficult job while using woocommerce checkout.

4.4. Unlimited Upsells & Downsells

A customer is always a customer even after the purchase at the checkout page. Cartflows lets you create a series of additional offers after checkout. With upselling, cartflows redirects customer to the checkout page where they can simply place an order without any hassle of re-entering all the information again.

Similarly, like upsell cartflows allows you to implement downsells too. For example, if a customer skips your upsell offer. There are chances that he did this due to a higher price. If you don’t want to lose the sale, you can set up downsell. Which means offering the customer a product at a lower price. This can lead them to purchase and keep themselves in sales funnels.

5. Pricing

Having all these impressive features and easy to use flow, Cartflows will cost you $299/yr. Considering the features and support/documentation available, one can say that this price is very much justified.

But still, cartflows offers you 30 days after the purchase to test plugin completely. If you are not satisfied, they offer you 100% money back guarantee without any questions.

6. Woocommerce Funnel Builder using Elementor & Cartflows

Now we will look at how can we make a sales funnel using Elementor and Cartflows. For this, we will have to install and setup Woocommerce, Elementor, and Cartflows. While working with Cartflows, We will first activate the pro license for cartflows in order to use the pre-built templates for upsells and downsells. We will follow these steps in Cartflows for building the funnel:

6.1. Setup Cartflows:

Setting up Cartflows is as easy as it could be. Just navigate to Cartflows > settings. You can choose your options for checkout page and page builder. For the sake of this article, we will choose Elementor as our page builder.

6.2. Create Products

We will now create some products in woocommerce. We are assuming to sell eBooks online. Therefore, we are going to create different products for upsells, downsells, and order bump.

We have created Sales funnel secrets eBook as our main product, Sales funnel Audio Book for order bump, Sales funnel secrets Membership for upsells, Sales funnel secrets course for downsell, and Sales funnel secrets mastermind as order bump.

Create Woocommerce Products
Create Woocommerce Products

6.3. Create Flows

After creating the products, we will now create our flows for the funnel. Navigate to Cartflows > Flows.

Add Flow in Cartflows
Add Flow in Cartflows

On this page, we can add a new flow, import, or export from this page. If we click on add new, a pop will appear. We can choose from pre-built templates or create our own. You can also check the template preview.

For this article. We will use eBook template click on import to import the template.

Choose Template
Choose Template

You can name and structure your funnel. You can also enable/disable test mode and analytics. We can see all the stages of the woocommerce sales funnel on this page. We can view, edit, clone, or delete any step from this page. We can reposition them as we want by just drag and drop.

We will structure our flow as one upsell will become after check out, then a downsell depending on options selected by the user at upsell page, then another upsell just before the Thank You page at the end.

Cartflows Funnel
Cartflows Funnel

Once the structure of flow is completed, we will head towards setting up the pages in the flow. Currently, we have six pages to setup including Landing Page, Checkout Page, two Upsell pages, one Downsell page, and a Thank you page.

6.4. Edit Landing Page

We can edit the landing page with elementor to design as we like it to be.

Edit Landing Page
Edit Landing Page

We can see a section having a link to the next step in this page. Copy paste this link to the button on the landing page.

Landing Page Links
Landing Page Links

Next step is to make this landing page our home page (if needed). Just go to settings > Reading > Your Homepage Displays > Select Static Page and choose your page from dropdown.

6.5. Edit Checkout Page

We can edit the checkout page with elementor as we did our landing page. There is a shortcode available. We will copy this code and paste it in our elementor page wherever we want it to show. Now, we will set up our checkout page. Go to edit and scroll down to Select Product. We will select our Sales Funnel Secrets eBook product.

Select Product
Select Product

After selecting the product, we will select our order bump product which is Sales Funnel Secrets Audio Book. We can select the product position from a dropdown. Product image and other options available.

Order Bump
Order Bump

Many of us find checkout page fields irrelevant sometimes, with cartflows we have the great option to remove, add, or reorder fields positions.

Cartflows Checkout Fields
Cartflows Checkout Fields

After doing all the customizations we will hit the update button to save changes.

6.6. Edit Upsell

If a prospect confirms the order, we will prompt him to choose our membership program. Which is higher in cost and can give us more in one sale. This concept is called upselling. We can design the upsell page as per our needs with elementor. There will be two buttons having yes or no options. We will add shortcodes of these options on our elementor page. We can find these shortcodes on the edit page. Where we will select the product for upselling. We will select Sales Funnel Secrets Membership as our upsell product. We can also apply a dynamic discount to upsell product.

Cartflow Upsell Setup
Cartflow Upsell Setup

If the prospect is interested in buying our upsell product, he will click on yes link/ button. This will add the price of membership in the current invoice of the prospect.

6.7. Edit Downsell

What if the user clicks no option? Now we will give another try to convince him that he should add Sales Funnels Secrets Course instead which is lowe in price. This strategy is known as down selling.

Now we will set up a downsell product just as we set up the upsell product. There will be two links of YES or NO. Upon the user’s choice, we will redirect him to either the next upsell product Sales Funnel Secrets Mastermind or Checkout Page.

After showing the prospect a downsell product we will prompt him to choose a upsell product Sales Funnel Secrets Mastermind. This product will be shown to all the prospects regardless of the prospect, either chose our Membership or Course product or not.

6.8. Thank You Page

Our thank you page is just a page showing our regards to the user for visiting and buying our products. This page can also be edited with elementor according to our design requirements.

Last Say

Now we have built our very own sales funnel. This will try to convince the visitor to buy more and more products in one sale.

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Hopefully, this article will help you to build a sales funnel by yourselves. If you have any query regarding this feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to serve you!. If you want to build a Sales Funnel with Elementor and Cartflows and you don’t possess such expertise with Elementor or cartflows, we can do that for you. Contact us to get in touch and you will not be disappointed.

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