Best WordPress Plugins in 2020

Creating a site on the WordPress platform is not difficult, which cannot be said about the selection of plugins that will make your resource functional and convenient. Plugins can be without exaggeration called the foundation of your site: they perform all the essential functions used by administrators and visitors. A massive collection of various plugins is one of the main advantages of the WordPress platform in the eyes of millions of users. However, abundance is both a blessing and a serious obstacle: how to make the right choice among such a variety of plugins?

For many modern themes for WordPress, the optimal set of plugins recommended for installation has already been determined. Such plugins are an integral part of the theme, endowing it with the necessary functions. However, this article is not about plugins for specific topics, but about universal services for WordPress.

Before going any further, I want to give you some valuable advice: try to reduce the number of used plugins to a minimum, since each additional program slows down the speed of your site. Make sure that you use only the most necessary plugins that are best in class. Searching for the right plugins on the Internet can kill you all day, or even more. To save you time, I offer you a list of the best plugins that can come in handy for your WordPress site or blog.

W3 Total Cache

Best WordPress Plugins - W3 Total Cache
Best WordPress Plugins – W3 Total Cache

If you want to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation of your site, then you just cannot do without the W3 Total Cache plugin. The speed of the site is important not only for visitors but also for search networks. If the pages of your resource take a long time to load, you will inevitably lose some of the traffic. W3 Total Cache works wonders: with the service, you are not afraid of sharp increases in the volume of traffic, and a large number of visitors will not affect the efficiency of your site.

Logaster Logo Generator

Logaster Logo Generator is a convenient online service for creating logos and other elements of corporate identity. You just need to enter the name of your site, and this plugin will offer you dozens of logo options that can be saved in the WordPress media library. Thanks to full integration with WordPress, logos can be easily added to the main page or article/topic using the shortcode for WordPress, which is located next to the logo. By registering on the Logaster website, you can not only save logos directly on the platform and download them in high resolution, but also create and edit favicons, business cards, envelopes, and letterheads.


Best WordPress Plugins - Optipic
Best WordPress Plugins – Optipic

Using the OptiPic service, you can optimize (compress) all images on the site in just two clicks. This will speed up the site, which will positively affect both SEO and site conversion. The essence of this optimization is to reduce the weight of the image in bytes, without losing the visual quality of the image. The less the picture weighs, the faster it loads in the browser. Image optimization is performed according to the recommendations of Google Page speed Insights.

Yoast SEO

WordPress SEO is not just a plugin for SEO, but a whole package of tools to optimize your website. With it, you can add headings and descriptions of articles, as well as Open Graph metadata, analyze the page, place an XML site map, and much more. It differs in the simplicity of installation and setup.

Wordfence Security

Best WordPress Plugins - Wordfence
Best WordPress Plugins – Wordfence

Wordfence provides an additional layer of protection for your resource from hackers and blocks the IP addresses of bots trying to access the site. The user can configure receiving notifications in case of suspicious activity on the site, and the paid version of the program includes professional technical support.

Titan Anti-spam

Best WordPress Plugins - Titan
Best WordPress Plugins – Titan

As the name of this plugin implies, it keeps your resource clean by automatically blocking comments from spammers. And, importantly, he does this without forcing visitors to take the Captcha test and without asking them annoying questions.

Google XML Sitemaps

Best WordPress Plugins - Google XML Sitemap
Best WordPress Plugins – Google XML Sitemap

To attract more traffic, you should inform search engines about the publication of new content on your site. Here you can not do without the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which automatically creates an updated sitemap and immediately passes it to search engines. Why wait until the search engines themselves find a new post on your site? Indeed, during this time, someone can copy your content and pass it off as yours! With the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, you can sleep peacefully.

Google Analytics

Best WordPress Plugins - Google Analytics
Best WordPress Plugins – Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool gives you the ability to track and view search statistics for one or more sites. You don’t even need to go to Google Analytics for this: the plugin displays all the data directly on your toolbar in WordPress.


Best WordPress Plugins - WPForms
Best WordPress Plugins – WPForms

WPForms is perhaps the most user-friendly and easy-to-understand feedback form available for WordPress. With the help of this constructor, you can create feedback forms, electronic subscriptions, orders, payments, as well as many other types of forms in just a couple of clicks. A simplified, but no less effective version of this plugin is available – WPForms Lite.


Optinmonster can safely be called the best lead generation plugin. With it, users can increase the base of their subscribers by creating beautiful subscription forms (opt-in) and pop-up notifications. The service is replete with various functionalities: targeting visitors based on the pages they viewed, analytics, separate testing, and unique technology that displays a window with an attractive offer when the user is about to leave the site.

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB dramatically simplifies the process of moving databases and media libraries from one place to another. Many of you know from your own experience how difficult it is to move a site from one hosting to another or from a remote server to a local development environment. With WP Migrate DB, you can forget about these problems!

Simple image widget

The Simple Image Widget plugin will come in handy if you need to place an image on the side panel that will serve as a link or display some text. Combining a pleasant, simple interface and a strictly necessary set of essential functions, this plugin performs its narrow task.


The Akismet plugin effectively cleans your blog from spam comments. Bypassing all comments through the Akismet Web service, the tool separates spam from real comments. All users can see which entries have been marked as inappropriate or have been deleted. Comments that were marked as spam or from which this tag was removed by the moderator are highlighted.


Best WordPress Plugins - Woocommerce
Best WordPress Plugins – Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a free program for online trading, with which you can easily organize the sale of goods or services from your site. Due to its flawless integration with WordPress, WooCommerce has rightfully considered the best plugin in its class, which provides online store owners and developers with a wide range of functions. With great flexibility, the plugin is compatible with hundreds of free and paid extensions for WordPress. Currently, WooCommerce is used in 30% of all online stores, outstripping in popularity all other plugins of its class.


FONDY is a universal international payment platform, the purpose of which is to enable owners of sites and mobile applications to accept online payments from their customers. Acceptance of payments is possible in any currency and any country, which significantly distinguishes the product from competitors.

All in One SEO Pack

If you decide to start promoting your resource in search networks, then among the tools you use, the All in One SEO Pack plugin must be present. With it, you can create SEO-optimized page headers (displayed in the upper area of your web browser), home page descriptions (displayed under your URL in search results), and keywords related to the topic of your content.

Broken link checker

This service scans your site and reports (via the WordPress toolbar or email) about the presence of broken links or missing images. Moreover, with Broken Link Checker, you can replace broken URLs with valid ones.

Contact Form 7

Using this easily customizable program, you can add a convenient feedback form to your website. Contact Form 7 plugin is integrated with CAPTCHA and Akismet tools, providing reliable protection against spam.

Editorial Calendar

With this convenient plugin, you will no longer be confused about the dates of publication of your articles. And to move the post-publication to another date, just drag it with the mouse. Editorial Calendar resembles a calendar built into the Edit Flow plugin. This is an excellent choice for those users who need only a calendar, without distracting additional features.

WP Smush

The surefire way to speed up your site is to optimize the images posted on it. Why process each image manually if the WP Smush plugin can do the job for you?


Soliloquy is, without exaggeration, the best responsive slider for WordPress. While many such programs slow down your site, adversely affecting SEO performance, Soliloquy loads sliders instantly! This plugin is equipped with many useful features and even has a free version.


AdSanity is an ad management program whose main strength lies in its ease of use. With Adsanity, adding a new ad is as easy as adding a new post to your blog. Thanks to a variety of widgets and shortcodes, you can place ads on the sidebars, inside posts, and on pages. You can create both temporary (displayed for a certain period) and endless (displayed until you delete them) ads. Moreover, the service shows the user charts and statistics on views and clicks of advertisements.

Envira Gallery

If your site is based on photographs and images, Envira Gallery will be your right-handed resource management tool. This is a responsive plugin that allows you to create beautiful image galleries with attractive effects, easy navigation, and flexible design. It works quickly and looks great on all types of devices. Check out the free version of Envira Gallery Lite right now!

Login Lockdown

Any user has an unlimited number of attempts to enter credentials on your site. This hack is used by many hackers who may try to break into the admin area by trying one password after another. Login LockDown Limits the number of attempts to enter a password. When the limit is reached, the smart plugin temporarily blocks the entrance to the admin panel.


With WPtouch, creating a mobile version of a WordPress site is secure. No responsive theme can compete in functionality with this plugin. Want to make your resource convenient for mobile users? Then WPtouch is your choice!


If you decide to make money on affiliate marketing, I advise you to pay attention to ThirstyAffiliates. This is the best affiliate link management service that allows you to add, hide, and even export links, as well as automatically replace selected keywords with links.


Best WordPress Plugins - Zendesk
Best WordPress Plugins – Zendesk

Zendesk is the best cloud-based user support program that combines flexibility, functionality, and usability. This is an indispensable program for developing companies. Now you can add a convenient contact form to your website or blog to accept requests from users and respond to them promptly.

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This list probably didn’t include many other useful WordPress plugins. Share your favorite services in the comments!

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