6 Best WordPress Page Builders Compared (2019)

WordPress is considered the best CMS due to obvious reasons. Website development was once used to be a skilled developer’s Job. Now, it is becoming an easy task for beginners as well. All thanks to best Page builders WordPress is offering with its partners. These Page builders enable us to create stunning websites without knowledge of coding. Page builders have a large collection of templates, widgets, and themes to use for your Website. It allows people who don’t have any coding knowledge to customize websites. Page builders are offering functionality which makes them inevitable. You can preview your changes in real-time while editing your website. Every Page builders come with many built plugins. Additionally, you can install plugin separately as well. Also, a huge library of templates gives you the freedom to choose a layout for your website.

Are you stuck to choose the best WordPress page builder for your website?

We have written this article to help you decide the best option. This article will mainly cover the following elements.

Pricing: This is basic consideration while opting for any solution.
Customer Trust: We evaluated Active Installations and product launch year to analyze customer trust.
Active Support: How active are the support forums of that Page builders across different platforms.
Pros and Cons: What are the benefits and drawback of each evaluated Page Builder. This article will cover and compare the best page builder in 2019.


Elementor Page Builder
Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a drag and drop website builder. It is considered one of the best WordPress page builder. Elementor is relatively new compared to its competitors. Launched in 2016, Elementor gains quite a reasonable traction by the audience. It provides a library of page template design which can be further customized. Elementor also gives freedom to use the layout as per the business requirement. You can scale up and down page sections and columns. The dynamic scaling features allow designers to resize the content according to the device of the visitor. Responsive websites are not any new phenomenon. Elementor offers a unique feature to its clients. It allows you to hide some features of the website for your mobile users. These factors help Elementor to be in the list of best Page builder, WordPress is offering with the help of its partners.

Active Installation

It has an active installation count of over 2 million. Elementor achieves this milestone despite the stiff competition.

Pricing of Elementor

It offers paid as well as free version. The paid version of Elementor starts at 49$/year. Elementor offers a range of Paid versions as per your need. Even the free version of Elementor is worth to start with for a beginner. It gives you 30 basic widgets and 40 templates.

Active Support

We are listing for you the Pros and cons of Elementor. It will help you to decide the best option for you.


  • Availability of the free version
  • Compelling User Interface
  • Unique Design and hidden element feature to increase responsiveness
  • Free version available with limited options


  • Elementor offers its users a Limited Library of elements
  • Elementor lacks marketing elements which are needed by marketers as sales businesses
  • Templates are confusing for beginners

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder
Beaver Builder

Beaver is another best WordPress page builder offered for users. Beaver Builder works smoothly with every WordPress theme. Beaver offers a nice interface for the designer. You do most of your work from a sidebar which appears on the right side when you click on it. Beaver builder comes with dozen of design templates which helps you create a website quickly. Beaver gives users the freedom to drag and drop content and elements. Beaver offers a powerful module for interactive websites. If you have a website where you need more customer interaction in the shape of FAQ or Q&A Beaver has a solution for you. Beaver allows you to switch the themes without losing your content. Beaver Builder is a web publishing oriented page builder. Alternatively, you can allow users to publish as well.

Active Installation

It is currently in use of over 500,000 WordPress Websites

Pricing of Beaver

Pricing of Beaver starts at 99$. The best part is that you can use this for as many websites as you want. Beaver doesn’t offer any free version for users. It has a free demo option which can give you a glimpse of the product.

Active Support

Beaver Builder has an active presence across social media platforms. It has an active community at WordPress forums as well. Additionally, beaver builder has a support forum at their Website.


  • A large library of Page templates
  • User-friendly interface for beginners
  • Beaver allows you to use it for unlimited websites
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Beaver offers a discount on renewal


  • No free version available. However, a demo version is available
  • Beaver takes time while you are making changes and proceeding to next
  • Beaver offers limited design flexibility


Divi Page Builder
Divi Page Builder

Divi is a WordPress page builder. Divi is equipped with drag and drop functionality. Elegant themes created this page builder. Divi is compatible with almost every theme of WordPress. It allows you to built any website. Divi gives you 40 content modules. It allows you to create an element for any occasion. You can even customize any element with its advanced design settings. You have back-end and front-end page builder functionality. It started as back end page builder. Now, it allows you to edit pages from front-end without switching back and forth. Divi builder comes with Divi leads which let you optimize every aspect of your web interface. These all make it the best page builder WordPress is offering on its platform for users.

Active Installation

Divi is trusted by over 550,000 Websites.

Pricing of Divi

Divi provides free as well as paid versions. The paid version starts at 89$/year. It provides a 30-day money back guarantee. Additionally, Divi does not apply any limit on usage of Page builder. You can use it for as many websites as you want.

Active Support

Divi has several active support communities on Facebook. They have an official presence across all popular social media platforms.


  • Divi provides a decent library of modules
  • It provides swift and responsive Support Channels
  • The user interface of Divi is easy to use
  • It is fast and efficient while building a website
  • There are ready-made layouts available


  • Effectiveness decreases with advanced customization
  • It is not suitable for complex layouts
  • Template selection is not compelling



Brizy Page Builder
Brizy Page Builder

Brizy is the youngest candidate in this competition. Brizy is a product of ThemeFuse. It is made available for users in April 2018. It is an exclusive front-end page builder. It does not come with any sidebar for customization. Menus popped-up in between where you start typing. You can change color and font on a single click across the website. Brizy provides over 150 blocks for your Website. These blocks can be further customized as per the need of your website. Brizy provides great functions in its free version as well, such as contact form and slider etc.

Active Installation

The active installation count of Brizy is 40,000+

Pricing of Brizy

Brizy has a free version available for users. Additionally, you can opt for a paid version. Paid versions of Brizy starts at 49$/year. It goes up to 299$/year. You can use as many websites as you want against a single subscription.

Active Support

Brizy has an active Facebook Page and Community. It has a presence across other social media channels as well. Additionally, community support at WordPress is also available.


  • It is offering free as well as paid versions
  • Active Support available for users
  • No limit on the website in the paid version
  • Live Chat is available for the paid version
  • WooCommerce Integration is available


  • It is a new builder. So, experts are reluctant to adapt
  • It is not as suitable for mobile device users as other page builders
  • It is still not equipped with many essential functionalities

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect
Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder offered by Thrive Themes. The company has long-standing of 6 years and counting. Thrive Content Builder was the predecessor of Thrive Architect. The interface of Thrive Architect is somewhat similar to Elementor. We considered this builder for our list of best page builder WordPress offered to its users. Same as beaver, thrive is also compatible with all available WordPress themes. Are you interested to know the reason? Keep reading. Thrive is created for conversion-focused websites. Thrive is a popular choice of Marketers and bloggers. It gives you access to hundreds of landing page templates. Thrive makes sure coherence of these templates by providing the same layout across complete conversion funnel. Thrive Architect offers its users 40 widgets in total. It is also a Mobile responsive Page Builder. Moreover, it gives some additional mobile feature for customization as well.

Active Installation

It has an active Installation of over 100,000

Pricing of Thrive Architect

Pricing of Thrive Architect starts at 67$. Thrive Architect restricts a maximum installation limit on each package in contrast to beaver. Thrive does not offer any free or demo version for users. However, Thrive offers a monthly package in which you can avail all plugins and themes for 19$/month.

Active Support

Thrive is available across all social media platforms. It has active community support available at WordPress forums as well.


  • Thrive comes with a friendly user interface
  • Thrive is built to fulfill the needs of marketers
  • It is equipped with a feature to increase mobile responsiveness
  • A decent size landing page library
  • Flexible Layout


  • Thrive doesn’t support drag and drop for elements
  • No free or demo version to explore features
  • Crowded properties panel
  • It offers limited styling options


Gutenberg Page Builder
Gutenberg Page Builder

Gutenberg is an editor for WordPress. Although, it is more editor oriented focused but the product will ultimately create an impact on publishing and customization aspects. Currently, it is not very user-friendly but Gutenberg team is working to make it easy to be used. Gutenberg is not a front end page builder. You have to use the preview button to see how well your theme fits in the design. Still switching to preview and then back to draft is not a difficult job. Gutenberg requires more efforts to build a page as compared to other Page Builders but we hope this will gradually become better. It is deployed to improve the content aspects of WordPress. It consists of multiple blocks and you can move the blocks up and down. Gutenberg support forum on WordPress is full of bug complaints. It is not justifiable to expect a bug-free version that soon.

Active Installation

Gutenberg has an active installation of over 200,000.

Pricing of Gutenberg

It is available for free.

Active Support

Gutenberg encourages users to inform about bugs and other issues on the WordPress forum. They have active support available on WordPress forums and through other channels.


  • Additional blocks available for customizing WooCommerce
  • Text and Image Customization options are available
  • You can now edit your Web content easily. The editor is highly responsive
  • Experts of WordPress community is behind this editor to make it more usable for the audience
  • The large community is always to ready to resolve any issue that is reported to them


  • Creating a complex layout in Gutenberg is a hectic Job
  • Detailed Styling is not possible in Gutenberg
  • It has limitations for responsive columns

Final Word

Now, it is time to wrap up the discussion. We hope this blog will help you to find the best page Builder WordPress can offer for your business. We compared the Pros and cons of every drag and drop website builder. Now it’s your time to analyze the best option for your Website. WP inCare team is committed to providing you the best WordPress solution for your businesses. Please feel free to contact us today for your queries. WP inCare team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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