Best WordPress Detectors With Correct Data

Building a WordPress site is easy, but copying one is not that easy. WordPress detector is an online tool that tells you the exact recipe of any WordPress site. You just have to put the URL and get to know the precise theme and plugins that the website is using. Now you just have to use them and build a better site than that. Isn’t that awesome?

Several WordPress theme detectors are available in the market, and you can get confused while choosing one. Don’t worry; we are here with a concise list of all the WordPress detectors that can help you to find the most accurate data.


WPSNIFFER - Best WordPress Detectors
WPSNIFFER – Best WordPress Detectors

WPSniffer is a Chrome extension which informs you what Theme a WordPress website is employing. It does not include details about the Theme or maybe author, and it merely links to some Google results page where you can have all of the pages leading towards the Theme. The papers are produced by this particular keyword format “x WordPress theme” (where x will be the Theme’s name).

The device is straightforward to use, you simply have to click on the install button, and a gray icon will show up in your browser’s best bar. The icon turns orange instantly whenever it detects a WordPress theme.


ScanWP - Best WordPress Detectors
ScanWP – Best WordPress Detectors

This one is my WordPress theme detector favorite because of the detail it provides. It’s another web-based tool designed to identify the Theme and plugins that the WordPress website is employing. It does not provide additional info about the Theme, it merely tells you the name of its author, URL, and occasionally the price.

This one is possibly most minimalist of the resources mentioned. It gives just the crucial results: a theme’s name, version, description, its author, and the secure link to the Theme’s official webpage. Additionally, it informs whether a kid design has been utilized and also returns specific error messages if the scanned site relies on a totally customized plan or perhaps does not use WordPress at all.

The WordPress theme detector tool functions even on sites that are using CSS minification plugins like BWP Minify, which distort the Theme’s stylesheets.

WordPress Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector - Best WordPress Detectors
WP Theme Detector – Best WordPress Detectors

This one is a really cool theme detector, not just because it’s a friendly screen but also because it provides the detected Theme. The device is online, therefore you have to simply enter the URL of the website you are interested in. To show the Theme it discovered, WordPress Theme Detector gives beautiful slide-out sections that will provide beneficial details about the writer.

What’s this device delivering precisely? The Theme’s description, tag, license, an excellent package of data about the provider, more info about the website you searched for, along with a summary of plugins the device was capable of identifying on the site. As an additional benefit, the device also detects kid themes.

What Theme

What Theme - Best WordPress Detectors
What Theme – Best WordPress Detectors

What Theme is an excellent online application that not merely detects a WordPress site’s design, but additionally demonstrates useful details about the plan including its primary URL, the writer, what license and model its tags associated with the goal of its, and a description? Besides WordPress, you are also able to put it to use for Joomla, Magento, Tumblr, Ghost, Shopify, Blogger, Drupal, and Big Cartel.

What is intriguing about this particular device is it recognizes a customized theme quickly and delivers you the writer or maybe agency that developed it. You can additionally make use of What Theme if you want to learn whether a website uses WordPress or perhaps not.

What WordPress Theme is Actually That

What WordPress Theme is That - Best WordPress Detectors
What WordPress Theme is That – Best WordPress Detectors

This’s a comparable online tool made detecting what WordPress Theme a particular website is using. Visit the tool’s web page and get into the URL on the site that you would like to check out in the search bar.

What WordPress Theme Would be that won’t just identify the primary Theme, but additionally the parent (if any). Furthermore, it goes beyond presents and also themes you with a summary of plugins that are being utilized by that given web site. Unlike WhatTheme, this is only for WordPress. Therefore it will not detect themes created for various other platforms.

Manual method to detect WordPress Themes

I called the pedometer the “developer method” because that’s precisely how developers investigate sites—for them, doing this as copy and paste. Though it is not overly complicated, you can figure it out even if you are not a developer.

This point will not require some resources, and you simply need to head to a site, right-click the site, plus select View Page Source. Or maybe you can just press CTRL+U. The page’s code is going to appear in a brand new tab, and all you’ve to do is hunt for “wp-content/themes” using CTRL+F. You are going to find the title of the Theme created in every line which has this particular phrase.

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So, these are the best WordPress theme detectors with accurate results. WordPress theme detector and ScanWP are my favorite. You can also use the manual method to detect the themes, and that is cool.

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