Best SEO Practices (2019)

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the leading game changer for businesses worldwide which have an online presence. It’s the organic solution for pure business profitability.

One can say that SEO is the future of all marketing tactics as all the traffic that comes to any website is through search engines. A website without SEO has no existence whatsoever, the authority on a search engine will only be awarded to a website which is exhibiting quality and nothing less.

With the rising trend of advertising and other marketing tactics that require monetary funding, one can beat the competition by applying simple, basic, yet elegant best SEO practices for bringing the users to them.

Listed below is the agenda we are discussing today i.e SEO Best Practices 2019:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why is SEO Important?
  3. Search Engine Optimization Techniques 2019
  4. Plugins for SEO

What is SEO?

Now the Big Question arises, “What is SEO”? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization”. This means to optimize/develop your website in a way that it shows higher in the Search Engine Rankings. The higher it shows, the better it is.

This is based on the stats that an average searcher of any search engine will mostly click on the top 5 websites that the engine is going to generate. Using the best SEO techniques on your website will carry your site to the top where it will be easily accessible for any user, thus, generating Organic Traffic.

ORGANIC TRAFFIC means that using those rules and regulation, keywords and phrases, content forms and visual ease, user-friendliness, and usability that a common visitor in today’s date may like.

SEO is divided into on-page SEO and an off-page SEO. SEO is like clothing for your website to make it beat the competition straight out of the park. It’s like creating your online presence to the point.

Why is SEO Important?

Let me give you an example first and maybe you will immediately get the idea of why SEO is important and to what extent good SEO practices can help boost your business. Let’s say that you are a student and you are playing a card game on your cell phone. Suddenly! An ad appears “Buy A House In California”, you get excited and you click on that. When you go on that site, you’ll see that you don’t have money to buy the house and you are already living in a house 7 seas away from California. These kinds of ads are paid advertisements, you just became a part of paid traffic. Now let’s say you are actually looking for a house in California. You go on your Search Engine and write “Houses for Sale In California”. The results that the search engine is going to generate are the optimized results rightly in accordance with your request. The websites you are going to be presented with will be purely organic and results will be exact.

This is why SEO is important as it will help you generate quality traffic of those users, who are actually looking for the service/product that you are offering. It will help you in:

  1. Building a website that is actually credible for the visitors that are coming on your site i.e SEO optimized.
  2. Generation of backlinks, thus another helpful remedy for your cause by using SEO. Link building is crucial.
  3. If you are using Paid Traffic, at some point you are going to run out of money. At this point, your traffic is going to fade to ZERO. SEO can save you from that.
  4. Targeting a keyword with search traffic potential can lead you away from bogus traffic to quality traffic. Use SEO keywords best practices for this problem.
  5. ROI (Return On Investment) through SEO is without any loss. It’s like getting rid of the middle man (sales) and directly having an impact on the buyer towards your business.
  6. Visibility of your website to potential clients can be determined if you are using the natural and organic method of SEO rather than classic advertising methods. SEO makes your site more visible resulting in profitability.

The importance of SEO remains because search engines want their traffic to find only relevant things that they are looking for. They don’t want their searcher to browse, they just want to present their user to find exactly what they came here for.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques 2019

First thing comes first, Google is the giant of search engines and every year they tend to change the ways for SERPs so the overall website needs to be updated. Obsolete ways nowadays when it comes to SEO are short-lived and they only live for 1 year at a time. Based on the collection of both on-page optimization techniques and off-page optimization techniques, one can get their website SEO optimized for organic traffic.

In this case, our experts at WP inCare have compiled the latest SEO techniques for SEO Best Practices 2019 that can help your website grow higher in the search engine rankings. Here are the search engine optimization techniques:

  1. Best User Experience
  2. Keyword Research “A Fact”
  3. Mobile Friendly SEO
  4. Link Building for SEO
  5. Metadata SEO
  6. Optimizing Images for SEO
  7. Social Media Engagement
  8. URL Structure
  9. Bookmarking Sites

1. Best User Experience

As 70-75% searches done online are done on Google, this search engine does not allow any irrelevant or low-quality material get to the top when a user enters their query on this search engine.

They will rank only those websites or content at the highest if and only if the quality of the content delivered is up to the mark. For this purpose what should you do? Don’t worry, here are a few search engine optimization techniques that you can use to rise to the top:

a. Low Bounce Rate:

Google calculates, that for how long did a user stayed on that website? If the bounce rate is high it will automatically take the lead away from that particular website. If the bounce rate is low then the website will maintain its ranking and maybe will go higher.

b. User-Friendly:

One of the things that one should look into when optimizing their website with SEO is that it should be made user-friendly for their targeted audience. Know your audience and create your website in such a way that the content that users are looking for, is made easily accessible to them.

c. Visual Cues for Addiction:

With the dropping of attention span globally, no one can stay at a single page for more than 8 seconds. In order to tackle that you need to optimize your site in the form of addiction. Create spaces in your paragraphs – Sub-headings are really important – Keep it simple – Don’t beat around the bush – Quench their thirst by creating lists – Numbering is really important – White page backgrounds are a key – Know the interests of your targeted audience

d. Load Time of a Website:

Fast, Fast, and only Fast. Everything needs to load at the most immediate time that it could. Don’t keep them waiting. Google likes speed. With every year passing, the webmasters at Google always emphasize on speed. According to Google Blog, speed is key to get your website to the top.

e. Analyze:

Keep in touch with your user experience. You can use the following tools to have a look at how your user is interacting with your website:

2. Keyword Research “A Fact”

Do you want to market your website through SEO? Keyword research is the heart of that. How can you do that? Let us guide you for SEO keywords best practices:

a. Seed Keywords:

This is the keyword research first hand. This is very simple, as when you are promoting a product or any of your services, this is the easiest to figure out. Just do simple browsing on the websites of your competitors and find everything that comes in relation to the products that you want to market. After doing that, create a list of those keywords so you can have an idea about the keywords on which the traffic is being attracted.

b. Keywords Idea Generation:

For this purpose, don’t waste your time thinking about the keywords. Just use the tools already available for Keyword Ideas. The reason behind it is this, with a lot of already available opportunities out there to beat the competition, you should not be wasting time. With already available practices as using the “Google Keyword Planner”, Google suggestions, etc, beat the competition directly out of the park by using the best tools on the internet for keyword ideas generation.
A few of these tools are:

c. Keyword Metrics:

With a collection of hundreds of keywords at your disposal, try to shortlist them by using the following techniques of SEO in 2019 thus far.
The reason is that why not shoot the arrow directly on the bullseye instead of wasting your shot?:

  • Google Trends: Some keywords are searched at a specific time of the year, some keywords are searched every day. Find the trends over the past few years of your relative keywords and then make a decision regarding your research.
  • Clicks and Search Volume: Check the clickstream data and analyze the number of clicks a particular website gets on the keywords that you have selected. Eradicate those which are left alone and collect those that have a good search volume with efficient clicks markup.
  • Competitors Keywords: Using tools like SEMRush or Spyfu, you can easily find out at what keywords do your competitors are ranking for. Do check them so you can have a clear cut idea about the keywords you are competing with. This will result in a crystal clear view of user demands.

Natural Usage:

Using the above mentioned up to date techniques, get your priorities in order now. Using the same keyword, again and again, will just prove bad for you. Why will it prove bad?
The thing is that, avoid getting the penalty from Google. Try to use them in a natural manner and in a free-flowing manner. Be strategic about your selected keywords. Otherwise, there is no outcome of your hard work.

3. Mobile Friendly SEO

Back in the year 2016, Google updated it mobile-indexing and that was a straight hit to the fact that most of the searches done online are based on a cell phone.

People with billions of cell phones all over the globe find it easy to search for something on their cell phone before going onto their PCs. So, your website needs to be mobile friendly no matter what.

Google as the smartest search engine, always emphasizes in the little hints overtime that optimizes your sites in accordance with cell phones by updating them constantly.

4. Link Building for SEO

Search engines like to rank websites higher which have a lot of backlinks generated. Why do they do this?

They do this because it creates the authenticity of the content getting delivered by the website. The best SEO techniques in 2019 regarding backlinks is getting yourself associated with authoritative websites.

With a number of other techniques being practiced, you can have the pick because it is roughly based on what kind of niche your website targets.

5. Metadata SEO

This includes the Meta-Titles and Meta-Description. It falls under the category of on-page SEO factors.

One who is optimizing their content with SEO should be aware of metadata. This is an on-page optimization technique where the practice is that the duplication of content in both of these is not needed, as Google will not identify it whatsoever. So, in order to tackle that, always be unique about it with placing the actual keywords in them so the user may not get any confusion with wastage of their time.

This Meta-Description appears in the Google search, right under where your website is shown. By planting a keyword in it strategically, it will help the user in figuring out that this is the related search result. Google is always on the lookout for a website with false content or false guidance.

6. Optimizing Images for SEO

In the latest Google support for webmasters, Google tells us to optimize our images on the website with ‘alt’ attribute. The purpose behind it is that, the users who search or click on images on different websites particularly look for file names and ‘alt’ texts for a better understanding along with the fact that ‘alt’ text for that image will be treated similarly to the anchor text of a text link.

DO IT! Google requires it. This is a secret SEO insight from our experts.

7. Social Media Engagement

With a long list of online communities regarding each and every topic in this world. Social Media is the round reality of SEO engagement. This has always been the part of the latest off page SEO techniques recommended out there. People handling websites from the top brands to small businesses have a social presence of their business.

The phrase “Comment, Like and Share” is the holy call of every online website holder. You can use a long range of techniques for social media engagement or even invent your own techniques. Just simply study the asters and learn from them because in this manner there is no short cut except paid advertising which is of no use as it will not generate organic traffic and will be a useless investment.

8. URL Structure

One of the on-page SEO factors is structuring your URL in such a manner that it is search engine friendly.

Putting a targeted keyword inside of the URL will make its performance to enhance. Also, while placing the keyword inside the URL, its location should be very well maintained and it should look natural as well.

9. Bookmarking Sites

The social cultivation of your site through social bookmarking sites is also among the latest off-page SEO techniques.

Whenever a website is bookmarked on a website or a popular blog post, the high traffic generation is acquired with genuine traffic with authenticity. Search for the websites/Blog posts with the highest PR and bookmark your site on them to gain organic traffic.

Plugins for SEO

As stated earlier, the major source of the traffic to a website is generated by search engines. In order to tackle that, WordPress website developers are always looking for the best SEO plugins out there or any tools to use for SEO optimization. Plugins being a huge part of WordPress developed websites, SEO practices here are taken care of by the plugins available online. They can fulfill the basic SEO requirements for any WordPress website with ease.

Search engine optimization techniques are not only limited to the manual labor of maintaining the best SEO techniques but at the same time, SEO plugins also play a huge role in the SEO trends 2019.

Following the SEO trends 2019 our experts at WP inCare lined up the best WordPress SEO plugins as a part of SEO best practices 2019 for your WordPress site, these are listed below:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All in One SEO Pack
  3. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights
  4. Google XML Sitemaps
  5. Broken Link Checker
  6. SEO Press
  7. SEO Optimized Images

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

This SEO plugin is the original and the pioneer of SEO plugins for WordPress websites. As the original since 2008, this plugin has been used from the smallest level of the business site to the biggest brand running online on the WordPress platform. Why has this plugin been that successful? Well! Because of the following compelling features that it provides:

  • Advanced XML sitemaps functionality – Site breadcrumbs full control – Canonical URLs to avoid duplication of content – Title & Meta Descriptions
  • Tools for writing SEO enhancing texts with built-in analysis of SEO
  • Internal Linking
  • Distribution of SEO roles as required by the user

Basically, it has been successful as it has always been user-friendly and an easy plugin to use with quality results. With 5-star ratings and 5+ million active installations on WordPress websites all over the world, it is the first choice you should go for.

Yoast SEO Ratings
Yoast SEO Ratings

Yoast SEO plugin also offers the premium version at 89$ where you will get 1 year of free updates and support if you subscribe to them. They provide the following extra features in their premium version:

Yoast SEO Premium Features
Yoast SEO Premium Features

2. All in one SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack
All in One SEO Pack

With the growing demand of SEO plugins, All in one SEO Pack was also released sometime near the release of Yoast SEO. They are competitors of each other and both claim to be the original SEO plugins. But numbers speak for themselves. Providing the following features, this plugin ranks on 2nd as of today:

  • Provides support in XML sitemap – Google AMP supportGoogle Analytics support – Custom post types
  • Canonical URLs
  • Built-in API
  • It is the only plugin to provide SEO integration for e-commerce sites which also includes WooCommerce
  • Avoids duplication and adds Meta tags automatically
All in One SEO Pack Ratings
All in One SEO Pack Ratings

It is very compatible for a beginner as it activates itself right after installation. With a 4.5-star rating and 2+ million active installations, the reliability of this plugin is worth it all the way. Here’s a tutorial from the developers also:


All in One SEO Pack also have a Pro version with many extra features that they have hidden, with those tricks hidden up their sleeves you can subscribe and have an advantage. They price as follows:

All in One SEO Pack Pricing
All in One SEO Pack Pricing

3. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights
Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This is the most powerful and easy to use WordPress plugin for your Google Analytics. Unlike other Google Analytics plugins, this plugin directly comes with Google Analytics Dashboard which will generate and show reports right inside of your WordPress dashboard. What makes it more reliable than the other plugins? Here’s why!

  • Real-Time stats in the form of Audience report- Behavior report – Content report – e-commerce report – Forms report – Search console report – Custom dimensions report
  • Google Analytics enhanced e-commerce features will show you consumer behavior on your online store which will help you in managing your business
  • GDPR compliance
  • Google Analytics universal tracking
  • Google Analytics link tracking
  • WordPress multisite networks compatibility

With a long list of features provided by this plugin, it holds a 4.5-star ranking along with 2+ million active installations.

Google Analytics Dashboard by MonsterInsights Ratings
Google Analytics Dashboard by MonsterInsights Ratings

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML SiteMap
Google XML SiteMap

This plugin creates a special XML sitemap of your website that the crawlers can easily see the entire structure of your website and can retrieve it more efficiently. Every time if you upload a new post or any content it will automatically notify the search engine about it also. Here’s a list of features that they provide:

  • Supports all WordPress contents
  • Priority to each post based on the number of comments
  • Notifications send to Google, Bing, and Yahoo through ping
  • A built-in WordPress filter for other plugins that adds their respective page to sitemap
  • Multisite compatible

With a 5-star badge, this sheriff of Google XML sitemap has 2+ million active installations worldwide WordPress websites.

Google XML SiteMap Ratings
Google XML SiteMap Ratings
Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker

This WordPress plugin when installed will start parsing through all the content on your website looking for links. Once it has found all the links, it will start checking them one by one until it finds the broken links. The broken links will be notified to you in order from worst to least bad. It functions with the following features:

  • Monitors links entirely on your website
  • Finds and detect links that don’t work entirely or redirects
  • Notifies every time
  • Prevents search engines from the following of broken links
  • Lets you search and filter links by URLs
  • Highly configurable

One of the most useful WordPress SEO plugins as recommended by our experts, it is a must to have in use. It rates to 4-stars and has 700,000+ active installations.

Broken Link Checker Ratings
Broken Link Checker Ratings

6. SEOPress

SEO Press Plugin
SEO Press Plugin

It is new in the market but is rising to the top because of its complete grip over the SEO content. This plugin results in boosted traffic, XML sitemaps custom made, social sharing and many more SEO related quality results. How does SEOPress do this? Equipped with the following features it provides:

  • Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Open Graph Data – Google Knowledge Graph – Google Analytics
  • Twitter card
  • Add Schemas Redirects in –  posts – pages – custom post types – attached pages to a parent post
  • Removes: stops words – ?replytocom for avoiding duplication of content
  • W3C Check
  • Content analysis

Slowly and gradually rising to the top and still maintain its 5-star ranking, SEOPress is also a recommendation by our experts. It has over 50,000+ downloads.

SEO Press Plugin Ratings
SEO Press Plugin Ratings


The SEOPress Pro version is also offered by them at the rate of 39$ with 1 year of free updates and support. The extra features in this package are:

SEO Press Plugin Premium Features
SEO Press Plugin Premium Features

7. SEO Optimized Images

SEO Optimized Images
SEO Optimized Images

This plugin allows you to add ‘alt’ and ‘title’ attributes to your images because it makes them more optimized when it comes to SEO Optimized Images. With its user-friendly usage, just install it and dynamically place the attributes and provide the patter. You will love the results it will generate.

With the plugin, you can insert an image name, a post title and a post category in the “title” and “alt” attributes of the image. It is also new and is starting as an underdog as the demand for SEO Optimized Images is increasing in the market.



Rated at 4.5-stars with over 10,000+ installations, its an SEO WordPress plugin providing results.

SEO Optimized Images Ratings
SEO Optimized Images Ratings

SEO Optimized Images Pro Version is also out in the market where you will get the following price and features in their two plans:

SEO Optimized Images Pricing
SEO Optimized Images Pricing

Last SAY!

Look! The word is our about the fact that we are all fed up of advertising and we need a natural solution. SEO is a natural way of understanding and interpreting the world today. Everyone wants quick, relevant and yo the point results. No irrelevance is tolerated. If someone searches for something, why not get the exact results? SEO has made that possible.

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With a little hard work one can get the hang of SEO and how does it work. It’s not rocket science, a simple skill set which every webmaster should acquire. If you yourself do not have the time to deal with this part of your business, then let us take care with our already available service regarding SEO best practices 2019 at a very economical rate and become a part of WP inCare family. You can check out our plans here.

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