7 Best Elementor Addons in 2019

Elementor is one of the most prominent Page builders among its peers. Elementor gains this fame for certain reasons. It gains impressive traction within a short span of time. It has a lot of customization to offer for its users. Although, Elementor is itself a fully functional page builder. Elementor addons are for your help to take functionality way ahead. There are free elementor addons as well as premium elementor addons available for users.

Elementors Addons

We have selected the 10 most useful Elementor addons for you. These Elementor addons will help you to make the user experience of your visitors better.

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1. Anywhere Elementor Addon

Anywhere Elementor
Anywhere Elementor

Introduction and Features

This Elementor Addon gives you the freedom to insert Elementor Pages, Library Templates, and global templates using shortcodes. Remember!! Learning shortcodes is not everyone piece of cake. So, you need basic coding to be comfortable to go with this Addon of Elementor. It allows you to create a single page, blog page layout, search page, and 404 Page Layout. It provides support for the custom field as well as WooCommerce.

  • Full Control Over Elements: Anywhere Elementor pro gives you full control over individual elements by providing options such as Taxonomy Archive, Post type archive, and Author Archive, etc.
  • Support for WooCommerce: WooCommerce is becoming an integral part of life due to the massive increase in online shopping. Single Product layout, Product Category Archive, and Shop page layout enable you to compete with your peers.
  • Dynamic Widget: It helps you to display all the information in a neat and tailored layout set according to your choice and targeted audience. Post comment, Post navigation, and Read more button, etc.


Anywhere Elementor is available in free as well as premium version. The free version is limited to global and layout. However, the premium elementor addon gives you the privilege to add more power to your Website. The pricing of premium elementor addon of anywhere starts at 25$/year and it is as high as 250$ for a license of lifetime access and unlimited sites. You can find the complete details of available plans here.

2. Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor
Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Introduction and Features

Ultimate Addons is a product of Brainstorm force. The team is developing products for 9 years now. It is a library of Widgets to add more flexibility and functionality to your Page Builder. Elementor Ultimate Addon offers a growing library of widgets to its users. It includes more than 20 Creative Widgets and three specialized WooCommerce Widgets.

  • Creative Widgets: Ultimate Addon for Elementor offers a range of Widgets in this category. Users have the liberty to choose for their marketing campaign compelling call to action button. There are media widgets available as well as google map integration to take your user experience to the next level.
  • WooCommerce: Woocommerce section has 3 widgets for your use which includes Woo-Product, Woo-Categories, and Woo-Add to Cart.
  • Woo- Product: This addon is to compel your visitor and to display your product effectively with all necessary details to get customer attention.
  • Woo-Categories: It helps you to display the categories of products available on your website.
  • Woo-Add to Cart: It converts your visitor directly into a customer by providing a quick and easy checkout process.


ElementorUltimate Addons offers free ElementorAddons as well as paid version. The premium ElementorAddon is available for as low as 49$/year subscription to as high as 699$/for lifetime access. You can find the complete details of packages to subscribe from here.

3. Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons
Essential Addons

Introduction and Features

Essential Addon for elementor gears up the functionality and usability of your website by providing you more than 57 creative elements. It has 100,000+ active installation as of 2019. These 57+ elements are further classified into seven groups.

  • Content Elements: It helps you to build content that suits your audience by using 17 elements such as an infobox, flip box, and content toggle, etc.
  • Dynamic Content Elements: It let you allow to show various content by supplying you 13 dynamic elements such as content timeline, Instagram Feed, and Woo Product Grid, etc.
  • Marketing Elements: These elements are crucial for Online businesses. It helps you to convert a visitor into a customer. Essential Addons is offering only 3 marketing elements for now that are Pricing table, call to action, and Price menu.
  • Creative Elements: It gives you the freedom to create customized content on your website by providing 15 creative elements such as count down, progress bar, and Interactive promo, etc
  • Form Styler Elements: It allows you to build tailored forms for your visitors. There are 7 elements available to create custom forms such as Gravity forms, Ninja forms, and WP forms, etc
  • Social Elements: These elements allow you to connect via Social Media Plugins to gain more traction. It includes Facebook Feed, twitter feed, and Facebook feed carousel, etc.
  • Extensions: You are looking to create a more user-friendly interface. Essential Addons has 3 extensions for you that are Section particle effect, Parallax Scrolling, and Global ToolTip.


Essential Addons for Elementor offers Free as well as premium versions. The premium version starts at 20$/year and goes as high as 500$ for a lifetime subscription and unlimited site usage. You can find complete details of available plans here.

4. Elementor Extras

Elementor Extras
Elementor Extras

Introduction and Features

Elementor Extras is a Premium Elementoraddon for your Page Builder. It offers 20+ Widgets and 5 Extensions. Elementor Extras team is continuously working to provide more functionality to it. It is committed to providing an update on a bi-weekly basis. Full customization and reliable support by Elementor Extra team make it a reliable choice.

  • Widgets: Elementor offers 20+ widgets to be used. We are discussing the 3 most useful widget for you.
  • Pop-Up: This amazing widget helps you to convert a client instantly. You can use pop-up anywhere in your content from where you want your visitor to pass through sales funnel.
  • Google Map: It assists your user to navigate to their desired place. Google Maps are now extensively used by businesses.
  • Table: It allows you to create your custom tables. You can create tables according to your own set of data.
  • Extensions: Elementor Extras 2.0 offers 5 Extensions in total. This list contains the three most useful extensions.
  • Display Conditions: It helps you to analyze various details such as visitors login status, browser, and operating system. Additionally, date, time, and current page and archive are also part of the display condition.
  • Global Tooltips: It helps you applying a style across a website without the hassle of re-doing it again and again.


Elementor Extra cost you 28 Euro/year for a single site subscription. It offers a lifetime plan as well that is priced at 128 Euro. You can find complete details of Elementor Extras plans here.

5. Crocoblock


Introduction and Features

Crockoblock is a collection of Elementor premium plugins such as Jet Element. Crockoblock comes with a bundle of Addons which enables you to create almost anything on click away. It has pre-designed modular that makes it possible to create a website on click away on top of that the reliable support makes user experience worth investing to buy this addon.

Crocoblock offers almost 15 Jet Elements to be used for your website. We are creating a list of 5 most useful Plugins.

  • Jet Elements: It gives you the freedom to choose from 40+ widgets while creating content for the website. It helps you create customized content according to requirement.
  • Jet Menu: As the name suggests, the Jet menu allows you to create a custom menu with the help of 8 different widgets such as Flexible Background, Lots of typography, Changeable menu, and Style, etc.
  • Jet Tab: Jet Tab is the source of creating custom tabs layout according to the need of your website. There are 4 options available for tab layout.
  • Jet Blog: An all-purpose widget to show posts to the audience.
  • Jet Woo Builder: Woocommerce has become an integral part of an addon. Jet Woo Builder provides unique page templates that showcase the product in an effective manner.


Crocoblock offers a range of subscription plans. These paid Elementor Addons starts at 49$/year for a single site subscription. Lifetime subscription with unlimited sites usage will cost you a single payment of 299$.

6. Livemesh Addons for Elementor

Livemesh Addons
Livemesh Addons

Introduction and Features

Livemesh offers a nice collection of versatile elements. It offers paid as well as free elementor addons for Elementor Page builder. The free version contains 13 addons for Page builder. The premium version offers the users over 25 addons along with 50 styling options. We have created a list of 5 most generic addons that Livemesh is offering.

  • Post Block: It enables you to present your blog in 13 distinct ways along with 5 different styles for the header. It helps you to fully customize the post using these options.
  • Image Gallery: This addon let you create a gallery of images and videos in the multi-column grid.
  • Twitter Grid: It provides a compelling user interface to display your tweets. There is 3 beautiful skin to available for display of twitter grid.
  • Progress Bar: You can use this addon where you want to show to show the graphical interpretation of your data or progress of the ongoing project.
  • Pricing Plan: Businesses are moving online. Pricing plans/tariffs are using abundantly by companies to show packages they are providing. This addon displays the tariff of your services to your visitors and clients.


Livemesh is available for free along with a premium elementor addon that adds functionality to it. The pricing of Premium Elemento Addon starts at 37$/year subscription and for lifetime plan the tariff starts at a one-time payment of 99$. You can find the details of complete packages here.

7. Element Pack

Element pack
Element pack

Introduction and Features

This is one of the best Addon for Elementor Page builder. It provides more than 110 elements. Unfortunately, there is no version of Freeelementoraddon of Element Pack. These 110+ Elements are categorized in 5 sub-categories according to functionality.

  • Post Widget: It contains all the essential addons to create posts such as single post, post list, table of content, testimonial grid, and FAQs, etc.
  • Custom Content Widget: These widgets are used to create a customized solution according to the content and layout of the website. Element Pack offers the following widgets: Office hours, flip box, and pricing table, etc.
  • Other Widget: These widgets include image magnifier, count down, and callout, etc.
  • 3rd Part Plugin Widget: There are some third-party widgets available as well to integrate and make the website more functional. Contact form 7, download monitor, and gravity form are some of the prominent widgets in this category.
  • Elementor Extend: This category offered by Element pack is offering users Element Parallax, Scrollnav, and schedule content, etc.


Element Pack premium Elementor Addons are available in two different payment plans. Yearly subscription is priced at 99$/year for unlimited website usage. The lifetime plan costs 249$. There is no difference in features of both packages. The only difference is the time duration of use. You can find further details about the plan here.

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Final Words

We write this blog for all the expanding businesses and businesses who will be undergoing an expansion. Technology scene is changing very quickly. Projects that used to require week and months are now closing in days and even hours. These addons are also part of the fast pace technology scene.

WP inCare is also providing you customized solutions from the selection of the right product to implementation and launching of your finished product. We hope this blog will expand your knowledge about the topic.

If you have any query regarding the topic or our services. Please contact us through any mode of communication convenient for you. Moreover, Please comment in the section below to give your valuable feedback.

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